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TE2 - ( Trooper Expert 2)


This is where original, screen accurate armor and helmets supposedly originated from.
This armor historically has been considered the most accurate, but know that it has been modified and has many differences (pro or con) from other similar armor. A few differences are the shoulder bell 'swoops', the flat ab plate, unique left biceps and right arm, but most importantly, it has correct-looking, shin armor unique to each leg. The more common AP armor does not have this. The plastic is sent out in raw form you must cut, trim, sand, and paint the plastic. This armor is not for everyone and is unlike the FX, AP or other types you may have seen.This armor does not come with a strap system unlike the FX kit.

TE2 helmets and body armor are fabricated using .090 high-impact-polystyrene (HIPS)
plastic. TE2 helmets are lighter than FX helmets but are also surprisingly durable. The
use of HIPS plastic lends itself to sharper details on both helmet and body armor.

This set of Armor and Helmet is not for the Average Joe with no skills. This is the Hard Core Stuff. Best be prepared to Work at this set.

Once you invest in it no turning bach.


You will be lucky to even get one Very, Very Limited / Hard To Find.........

  TE2 Armor in a Nut Shell

1. TE2 Armor is fabricated using .090 gauge High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) plastic.

2. TE2 Armor must be trimmed, sanded, and painted. (The original armor was painted.)

3. Skill, knowledge, and experience with plastic armor are definitely considerations when
purchasing TE2 Armor.
On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most difficult, I would rate TE2 Armor as 9.0. I would
rate my experience with FX Armor as 7.0.

4. TE2 body armor is shipped in either TK (StormTrooper) or TD (SandTrooper) configuration only.

5. TE2 helmets can be purchased separately.

6. TE2 helmet kits include the following:

a. (1) Face plate
b. (1) Bumpy cap & back piece
c. (2) Ear pieces
d. Screen-accurate brow trim (imported from the U.K.)
e. Screen-accurate neck trim (imported from the U.K.)
f. (4) Rivets and washers
g. (6) Screws & nuts
h. Green accurate lens material (for stunt look – when available)

7. I recommend Keith’s Hovi Mix mic-tips and decals from for
your TE2 helmet.

8. Types of kits made:
a. Code 1: Unassembled TE2 helmet and TE2 body armor (StormTrooper) or (SandTrooper)
b. Code 2: Unassembled TE2 helmet only
c. Code 3: TE2 body armor only (StormTrooper) or (SandTrooper)


**These kits are hand make and Take up to 21 calendar days to complete
the helmet and body armor.

The TE2 StormTrooper Helmet and Body Armor "Full Kit"

This is TE2 Armor after you Trim it and now is ready for painting.


* If you are looking for a set of TE2 Armor email me at: *


The TE2 Helmet kit

For The Helmet kits It will up to 14 days to complete.

TE2 helmet kits include the following:
a. (1) Face plate
b. (1) Bumpy cap & back piece
c. (2) Ear pieces
d. Screen-accurate brow trim (imported from the U.K.)
e. Screen-accurate neck trim (imported from the U.K.)
f. (4) Rivets and washers
g. (6) Screws & nuts
h. Green acetate lens material (for stunt look – when available)



The TE2 StormTrooper Body Armor Only

Picture "Above" has been trimmed but not yet finished.


These are untrimmed Armor kits "Cool"


These are 2 pictures or the Unfinished TE2 Helmets. lots of work yet to be done........


I also know if you want them trimmed out and assembled TE2 bucket or TE2 Body Armor it would cost more.



My Finished TE2 StormTrooper Helmet Display

More Picture of My Finished TE2 StormTrooper Helmet

And ............


A Good Close-up Of The My TE2 StormTrooper Helmet



This is My TE2 SandTrooper Helmet


The Side View Of My TE2 SandTrooper Helmet

Another Side View of the Same Helmet s

(More Pictures to Come on the Armor that is with this helmet)

Looking For Just a Set Of TE2 SandTrooper Armor With Or WithOut a Helmet (Kits Only)

Just email me -





The TE2 (TD) SandTrooper Finished Armor.

Looks like he just came from the Movie set.

So Cool ! Now that looks Real..........



TE2 Sandtrooper Armor "Above"
(Photo credit: TK-158)



TE2 Stormtrooper Armor
(Photo credit: TK-8020)



FX - v -TE2
With the TE2 Helmet you will not experience the condition commonly known as “trooper
bobble-head.” TE2 Armor is much more proportional and form-fitting. Great for TE2
since he is vertically challenged at 5’6”!




A Few Side Notes


No guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied accompany the purchase of any armor.

This is not a toy.

TE2 helmets should not be used for any contact sport. TE2 helmets should not be worn in lieu of
motorcycle, scooter, or moped helmets.

Do not operate any vehicle or any machinery while wearing TE2 or any other StormTrooper helmets and body armor.

TE2 helmets offer a limited field of vision. Always use a stormtrooper handler in well lighted locations. Never troop alone.

Serious bodily injury or death may result from the misuse of TE2 helmets and body armor. TE2 helmets and body armor will not protect wearer from blunt object trauma.

TE2 armor should not be used as a protective body covering against live ammunition.

TE2 armor will only deflect an indirect Grade 4 laser blast of short duration.

TE2 armor should not be used as a personal flotation device.

TE2 armor should not be used as protection from tornado, hurricane, cyclone, or tsunami.

Do not use during earthquake.

TE2 armor will not protect wearer from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus
(HBV), or the super strain hepatitis H virus from Thailand.

TE2 armor will not protect wearer from sexually transmitted diseases.

TE2 armor will not prevent pregnancy.

TE2 armor is not meant as a substitute for human companionship.

Do not use while sleeping orunconscious.

Do not use in bath or shower. Do not use near fire, flame, or sparks.

For display purposes only.

If you do not understand, or cannot read, all directions, cautions and warnings, do not use this product.

Thanks Go Out to TE2 for that info................ "That's funny"


*These Below Are the Extras if you need them.*


*As before, the buckets must be sanded, painted, and finished.  I always recommend Hovi Mix mic tips by Keith.

Hovi-mix mic Tips

If you are looking for Hovi-mix mic Tips for you Helmet to make it More Movie Accurate Email :




StormTrooper Green Lenses (Make Your Own)

Cut your own lenses from this Dark Green Face shield.

(Click Here)

Look for this number - (HF4118DRKGR) - Dark Green face shield

This worked perfect for me.




* Some Paint & Primer Used on TE2 Helmet and Armor *

Rustoleum: Painter Touch: Sandable Primer (White) sku #1981830
Rustoleum Professional High Performance Enamel (Gloss White) sku #7592


Krylon Fusion (For Plastic) Gloss White sku #2320

You can find all three at HD or Wal-Mart



StormTrooper / SandTrooper Comparison Page (Click Here)




For More Information on where to geta set Of TE2 Armor & Helmet Email me at: