The Imperial SandTrooper (TD)

Above Picture Is TE2 Armor


On this page you can find information about the SandTrooper and what is needed to be a Imperial SandTrooper

You can find parts to make your Own Backpack, a Finished BackPack, Pauldrons, Ammo pouches, and how to Dirty up your Armor to make it more movie Accurate.

Some people use the TE2 Armor, AP Armor and Trooper Master Armor some of the 3 Best to use.

Now if using AP Armor to build you a Sandtrooper costume you must get 3 parts:

1) Diamond Knee plate

2) A 3 Button Ab strip Or The 4 Button that is in the AP Kit just left white

3) SandTrooper Hand plates (Cheese Grader type), But the ones in the AP kit can be used too.

If you need these contact me I will send you to the person who has them.

But not everyone can fit into these sets of Armor.

So you may want to get a set of the New FX made for Larger Troopers.






SandTrooper Field BackPack



One Of the makers of some of the Best SandTrooper Backpacks I have ever seen.

They are made By John a fellow 501st SandTrooper

Below you will see some of his work you can contact him for anyone of these finished backpacks.

He makes several different ones, a hard choice to make.

I want them all........


The Captains Pack


Another View

"Oh yes it will be mine, all mine"



The Sergeants Pack


Another View



Heavy Weapons Trooper Packs


A Different One



Nova Trooper Pack



Sandtrooper "Special Edition" Pack



Clone Radio Pack



Sonix Radio for TD Pack

A Start To Make your own back pack


If you want the Best Finished Backpacks made you need to contact John at:

Note: He made the "Captains" backpack that I will be using with My SandTrooper Armor

Soon I apply for my TD # from the 501st

"TD1336 Has a Dirty Ring To it."

Love it !

Thanks Go to John - TD2557


Just a TK1336 Note: To me the Two Best Starwars Costumes Ever Made was The StormTrooper & SandTrooper.

Then Again I could be wrong - "NOT"







* SandTrooper BackPack Kit Only*

Make your Own


The Kits are Made by Charlie

You get everything except the aluminum backpack frame, the mortar launch tube (2" Black PVC pipe 29" long), the pitcher lid (used at the bottom of the mortar launcher as a radar dish), and the Wet Ones wipes bottles (you'll need two of these). The parts are pulled using 3/4" MDF risers, and will need to have the extra plastic trimmed away. Not a problem if you have a Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel.

Here's a list of the parts in the Kit:

Seed trays (5 rib and 3 rib)
Stinger (cold weather faucet cover, cone, and rubber hose)
Radio with box and knobs (currently out of the slide switches )
Cistern - Mushroom cap, hamburger stackers, nipple, manifold risers, twinkie, oil funnel
Tool box (upper left of the pack)
Exhaust port (housing, 1" PVC tube, and hose clamp)
Mushroom Cap
Shotgun shells (5 pieces of 1/2" PVC tube)
Mortar tube control panel and end caps
I also include (hopefully) all of the screws, nuts, and washers you will need to assemble the kit


If you want this kit contact Charlie at :

Below is what is in the Kit.




These are some Fantastic Looking Backpacks made from the kits.


If you want this kit contact Charlie at :








Another Maker Of a Sandtrooper Back Pack

You can find them at:

Fill out the Form and Colin will reply to you soon.

He has done about 30 packs over the past 5 years.

Below some of his work.

Some Call it a Space Pack.




Colin Does Very Nice Work. "Cool Dude !"






The SandTrooper Shoulder Pouch



Information Courtesy Of



The shoulder pouch seen on the "Move Along" trooper and "Look Sir, Droids!" trooper has the same basic shape of the standard pouch.

(See Picture of the Stolla Wein MP-40 Triple Magazine Pouch Below).

However it has a much more complex strapping system which includes shorter flaps, long, thin, leather straps and leather strap retaining loops. This pouch also has a "4th" pouch; a small tool pouch located near the bottom of the last elongated pocket.
Both canvas and leather versions of this pouch are available. Most of the canvas versions available are replicas as authentic canvas pouches of this kind are not easily found and quite expensive. The leather versions are more rare yet. After a year of searching I have only seen 2 complete leather sets and two incomplete leather sets. All were authentic, German MP-40 pouches.












The shoulder mounted pouch seen on the "Move Along" trooper and "Look Sir, Droids!" trooper are commonly believed to be leather. However, there are a number of indicators that support the theory that the pouches are canvas and not leather.

To see each indicator in detail click the links below:


INDICATOR #1: Finished Edges

From my research it appears ALL canvas pouches, whether they are original or replicas, have a finished edge at the top of each pocket. A finished edge refers to the material being folded over and sewn. ALL leather pouches have a raw edge; the leather is simply cut at the top of the pocket and is not finished in any way. The ANH screen captures below clearly show the top edge of the pocket of the screen used pouches has a finished edge like the canvas pouches.

(note raw edge at top of pockets)


(note finished edge at top of pockets)





From my research, it appears ALL canvas pouches, whether they are original or replicas, have squared off flaps while ALL leather pouches have angled flaps or rounded flaps. Comparing the ANH screen captures below to the pouches above it is clear that the screen used pouches have the squared off flaps like the canvas pouches.


(note flaps are cut at angles)


(note flaps are squared off)





From my research it appears ALL canvas pouches, whether they are original or replicas, have a small tool pouch on the right-most pocket. This pouch appears to be sewn on to the very edge of the pocket, in such a way that it tends to twist from the from to the side of the pocket easily due to its lack of firm attachment.
Only a few of the leather pouches appear to have this tool pouch and it is attached in a very different method. The leather tool pouch is attached to a long strap that runs up the length of the pocket and appears to attach to the same button as the top flap is attached. On the two leather pouches that I have seen this tool pouch, the pouch is attached to the center pocket although I believe it could be moved to any pocket simply by removing the strap from the button on the center pocket and placing it on the button of either of the outside pockets. Comparing the ANH screen captures below to the pouches above it appears that the screen used tool pouch is mounted on the edge of the last pocket like the canvas pouches. Please note that in a few of the screen caps the tool pouch appears to be attached to a strap as is seen on the leather pouches, however, I believe the strap that is visible is simply the strap coming down from the top flap and is not actually attached to the tool pouch.


(note strap attached to tool pouch)


(note tool pouch attached to edge of pocket)





The Stolla Wein MP-40 Triple Magazine Pouch


While the desert stormtroopers (or sandtroopers) wore several different pouches, the pouch that is seen most often is the German MP-40 triple magazine pouch. It is seen worn on both the left shoulder and on the waist belt of the stormtroopers.

For years we have believed that original MP-40 pouches were used, as the production team used a large number of other "found items" in the movie. However, after years of researching the pouches seen on screen, we have come to the conclusion that the pouches used in the film were created by the Star Wars art department and are in fact not original MP-40 pouches.

Many people believe MP-40 pouches produced by the Austrian manufacturer, "Stolla Wein" are the pouches that were used by the stormtroopers and even this site has pushed this view for several years. However, as high definition copies of Star Wars have become available and as more still photographs from on location have been published, it has become apparent that the Stolla Wein pouch has a number of differences from the pouches used in the filming of the desert stormtrooper scenes.

As the Stolla Wein pouch is incorrect, we won't go into an analysis of its shortcomings but will instead focus on the details found on the pouches used during filming and explain why we believe those pouches were produced by the art department of Star Wars.

While the Stolla Wein pouch may not be "screen accurate" it is a very nice and well constructed pouch and it would be difficult to fault anyone for using them in creating a replica of the desert stormtroopers seen in Star Wars: A New Hope.



SandTrooper MP-40 Triple Magazine Pouch

There are a number of reasons we believe the art department of Star Wars replicated the MP-40 pouches. While we won't go into every one of them, here are four key details:

Pouch flap attachment:

The flaps for each pouch are attached via two rivets through the back of the MP-40 pouch. While some Norwegian made MP-40 pouches do utilize rivets, no pouches we have ever found use rivets to attach the pouch flaps. The pouch flaps on all original pouches (that we know of) are either sewn on or are a continuous piece of the back of the pouch.


.Pouch flap shape:

The pouch flap shape varies by manufacturer. Stolla Wein flaps have a hourglass shape, ending in a point. Norwegian made flaps are squared off, with rounded corners. Other manufacturers' flaps feature a squared off end with large angled corners. The flap shapes on the pouches used by the stormtroopers have a "blunted arrowhead" shape which we have never found on an original pouch.


Pouch pocket height:

Unlike every original pouch we have seen, the pouch pocket for each magazine on the stormtrooper magazines extends to the very top of the pouch, rendering the pouches virtually unusable as the magazines would be extremely difficult to retrieve once they had been placed inside the pouch.


Overall quality/build:

By and large, the build quality of original German MP-40 is very high. Tolerances are tight and the final product exudes crispness and quality. The pouches seen on the stormtroopers are just the opposite. They are sloppy, with very loose tolerances and have an overall disheveled appearance.





I am making my own MP40 Triple Ammo Pouch Template based on the above information.

I will post it on this page soon as it is done.




How To Make

SandTrooper Ammo Pouchs

Click Here




German MP40 Magazine Pouch Set.

SandTrooper Ammo Pouch sets (Click Here) Another Site

Or Try

German MP40 Replica Magazine Pouch Set.

Item No. 979040

You Can also find them here at:



Black Leather Dye use to Dye the Ammo Pouches.

Found at

Use the Fiebing's Dye 4 oz USMC Black
# 2100-01





Pauldrons and Ranks.

This info can out way after the movie was made and is up for debate.

The 3 Colors and the only Real ones used.

1) Black - Private

2) White - Sergeant

3) Orange - Captain.

You can find this on the StormTrooper Accessories Page. Or Just contact me at





StormTrooper / SandTrooper Helmet Bag.

It is made from water-repellant nylon with a protective fleece lining, two-way zipper & front pocket.  Large size fits all helmet including dirt bike and full-face helmets.  A small price to pay for keeping your helmet clean and scratch free while stored or traveling.

Item #ZX014708T


This Holds my AP / TE2 Helmet with lots of Room.




SandTrooper Armor Weathering

Realistic weathering can be achieved using Woodland Scenic's' Earth Colors Liquid Pigments. We recommend purchasing 4 oz. bottles of Raw Umber (mfg. part # C1221), Yellow Ocher (mfg. part # C1223), and Burnt Umber (mfg. part # C1222).

It is recommend you buy pigments directly from

The pigment goes on as a liquid and dries, within minutes, to a dust that sticks to plastic. However, it can be removed without hassle and it won't damage ABS! Even after prolonged exposure the pigment can be wiped from the armor with a damp cloth.


You will also need Fuller's earth in natural color (FE-0030N) and gray (FE-0030G). A 3lb container of each color will weather several suits of armor. A little fuller's earth will go a very long way. We recommend you buy fuller's earth from the

Choose a piece of armor to be weathered. Make sure it is clean.

The first layer we apply is Raw Umber as it is the darkest color we will use and we want it to be toned down by the layers that go over it. Dab pigment over the surface of the armor using the tip of the sponge.

Pat the pigment with a piece of crumpled paper towel to spread the color out, blend it together and give it a random appearance.

At this step may seem odd, but it is VERY important! Allow the pigment to dry and then take a second crumpled paper towel and gently wipe of most of the weathering. The pigment will naturally stick better in some areas than others. make sure very little is left. We have a lot of layers to go, and this is the darkest color so we do not want very much of it. As you can see, the pigment REALLY brings out any scratches in the armor.

The second layer used is Burnt Umber which is more red in color and lighter. While we covered the entire breast plate with the first coat, we apply the Burnt Umber a bit more

Again, allow the pigment to dry and then take a crumpled paper towel and gently wipe of most of the weathering. We leave a bit more of the Burnt Umber than we did the Raw Umber. You can actually begin to see the weathering effect now.

As the chest is a heavily weathered areas and the particular trooper we are replicating had a dark streak of grime on his right breast, we made a second layer of Burnt Umber.

Again, the Burnt Umber is removed with a crumpled paper towel but even less is removed than previously. We are beginning to see the weathering patterns that will define this piece of armor.

We now add a layer of Yellow Ocher to tone done the umbers. The Yellow Ocher is applied in a very spotty pattern, only covering about 50% of the breast plate.

Once again a good deal of the Yellow Ocher is removed with a crumpled paper towel.

To tone down the pigments and give the armor a dusty look instead of a muddy appearance, a light layer of natural colored Fuller's earth is applied with hair spray and a sponge brush. After that a bit of gray Fuller's earth is applied to the right breast area to appropriately darken it. Finally a soft bristled paint brush is used to take both Fuller's earth and the pigments off od the high spots of the armor. As the armor is worn it will continue to manually "weather" and more clean spots will appear in the areas that get the most wear.

This is a very tedious process. It is recommend you have a friend help you. If done correctly, the weathering of an entire suit will take approximately 1 full day from start to finish.




* SandTrooper / StormTrooper Comparison Page *






Site that has so much Info on about everything you want to know About Star Wars and StormTrooper & SandTrooper Armor etc. and lots of links. Also can find how to make your Own SandTrooper Backpack.





SandTrooper to meet 501st Standards


Description: Sandtrooper: (deployed/dirty)

Prefix: TD

Detachment: Mos Eisley Police Department

Context: Episode IV: A New Hope

The sandtrooper is a desert terrain stormtrooper equipped with modified armor and gear to better withstand missions in harsh, arid locales like Tatooine. While their armor is superficially similar to that of the standard stormtrooper, advanced cooling systems in both their helmets and suits offer these troopers protection from the relentless heat.

The stormtrooper detachment dispatched by Lord Darth Vader to investigate a crashed escape pod on Tatooine just prior to the Battle of Yavin consisted of sandtroopers. They had heavy weapons, survival gear, and shoulder pauldrons denoting rank.



A sandtrooper must have the following to gain the 501st “TD” designation


The helmet like the armor must be made out of white fiberglass, ABS, or HIPS and match proportionally to what was seen on screen. Note: the FX helmet is deprecated however is still considered acceptable for Legion standards. The helmet has the following details:


02.Neck Seal:

Black in color, the ribs are horizontal, not loose, and extend from the base of the neck to the top of the adam’s apple.



03.Shoulder Straps:

Sandtrooper chest and back are attached from within via soft straps.  Ribbed shoulder straps are discouraged.


04.Shoulder Bells:

Are present. Swoops at the bottom may point forwards or backwards.



Biceps are fully closed.



Forearms are fully closed



07.Hand Plates:

Trapezoid in shape and securely mounted to the gloves. They may be made out of latex or latext-like material instead of plastic.




Are black rubber, nomex, leather, or leather like. Enclosed fingered, non-textured, with no visible straps.



Pauldron (Black, Orange, or White) made from vinyl or leather. Gray is not acceptable, as it is not canon.



10.Ammo Pouches:

Ammo pouches. Two or three in total, made of leather, canvas or vinyl. Worn either at the hips or left shoulder, opposite of the pauldron.



Chest plate is present.



Back plate is present



Black under suit, either one-piece or two-piece. Non-textured material with no visible zippers or logos.



14.Ab Plate:

Left side ab plate has a minimum of three and maximum of four buttons painted white. Right side ab plate is blank square and does not contain buttons like stormtrooper.


15.Kidney Plate:

Kidney plate is present and lines up with the ab plate with no gaps. The bottom of the back plate lines up with the top of the kidney plate.


16.Butt Plate:

Butt plate is present. The top of the butt plate aligns to the bottom of the belt.



Consisting of two parts:



Thighs close in the back, and an ammo belt is present on the bottom of the right thigh.


19.Lower legs:

Greaves close in the back. Diamond Knee plate – six sided (hexagon) mounted onto a five-sided “diamond” shape, with a point on the bottom – is on the wearer’s left knee. (Trapezoid knee plates or the absence of a knee plate is not acceptable.)



These are white leather or leather like, above ankle, have a flat sole, and have small U-shaped elastic sections on both sides of the ankle with no buckles or laces. Jodhpur-type boots or an equivalent style. Elvis or mariachi boots are not acceptable


21. Weapons:

MG-34/”DLT19″, Lewis Gun/”T21″, MG15, or Sterling SMG/”ANH Style E-11″. These weapons may be scratch-built, resin cast, hyperfirm rubber cast, vaccum-formed, or real demilitarized guns.

Hasbro E-11's are acceptable with or without modification.


501st Legion Accessories:


22.Desert Backpack:

Styled after the ANH sandtrooper packs. A loose interpretation is allowed, but screen accuracy is encouraged. (This is optional because we’re aware that not all Sandtroopers had backpacks.)



Styled after those used in the Special Edition


24.Dewback Prod:

The prod is a black pole, approx 96″long, with metal details at both ends.

(Many opt for a shorter length.)


25.Cheese Grader Handplates:

“Dimpled” or “cheese-grater” style handbacks. These were worn by several troops in ANH, and are approximately rectangular, and have a pattern of “pill-shaped” indentations. There remains much debate if these were formed parts or last-minute replacement parts made of unknown materials.




This may Change so check the 501st Website.