StormTrooper E-11 Blaster

Finished Ready for Trooping !

Note : One of the Best Made E-11 Blasters I have seen in a long time and Movie Accurate.








Contact Brett at :

Tell Him Mike - TK1336 sent you.






Ponda Baba's SE-14C Blaster Pistol Kit

The SE-14C blaster pistol Ponda Baba used when his partner, Evazan, tries to get Luke Skywalker into a fight at the Mos Eisley cantina in A New Hope.

It is cast in two pieces of solid, off-white resin and will need to be assembled and painted.

Pictue Coming Soon of the Kit !







The photo shows what it will look like when completed.

This is my original sculpt based on a Swiss Rexim Favor SMG.
Also Seen in the StarWars The Complete Visual Dictionary as a Trooper Blaster (Short Range Combat Pistol)


For This E-14C Resin BlasterPistol kit just Contact Shanon at :

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Biker Scout Blaster kit

The kit consists of a white resin blaster, white resin scope, metal trigger guard and 2 screws for attaching the trigger guard.
Kits require minimal sanding and clean up and like most resin castings may have some small pin holes. I will not ship out any pieces that have large gaudy air bubbles and pockets.

Picture of the Unfinished Biker Scout Blaster Kit


Finished Biker Scout Blaster

They Also can come fully finished If you want at an additional cost ready to go in your boot holster the day it arrives.

Note From Chris: I am not responsible for knowing your country's import laws so I will not be held responsible if your blaster is seized by customs.

Chris will not send a FINISHED blaster to the United Kingdom OR Australia as it will most likely be seized by customs.
If you want a Biker Scout Blaster Kit Or A Finished Biker Scout Blaster





Jawa Ion Blaster Kit

For More information contact

Tell him Mike - TK1336 sent you.






Good site if you want a finished Blaster. These guys are Pros...........

They make the:

T-21 Light Repeating Blaster

DLT-19 Heavy Blaster

E-11 Blaster (ANH/ESB Versions)

You can Contact them at




This Section

How To Make Your Own


PVC Blasters Builders Club

You will find tutorials on how to make Blasters

Stormtrooper Blaster ( ANH E-11 )

Stormtrooper Blaster ( ROTJ E-11 )

Stormtrooper Heavy Blaster ( ANH DLT-19 )

Clone Trooper Blaster ( AOTC DC-15 )



Great place to buy components for your gun or light saber conversions. Where I bought a M19 Scope and vent rails for my Sterling/E-11 conversion.

Vent Rails are the Rubber Strip (Part #GMB-XX) Maximum continuous length is 20ft. Specify length when ordering. Includes adhesive.



How To Guides
On this site you can find How to guides for making your own Movie props,and costume replicas.

E-11 Blaster Parts Found here for sale & lots more From common household items to prop replicas, here are some of my favorite "do it yourself" information. And information on how to Build your own vacuumed Forming machine. Plus a few surprises.


Replica Sterling L2A3 [E-11] Parts

These were made to speed up the blaster making for the fan film, and as a film prop, they do have minor air bubbles, and flashing that need to be cleaned up. An easy job for the scratch-built blaster project. These were cast from a real L2A3 Sterling, M38 scope, and counter box. [non-logo version]. Some parts are cast in a gray resin as a test. These work great, and really help if you plan to weather your parts.







This Section

My Blasters


My DLT-19

Made By

Another View


My E-11 Blaster project

This is a Fan made E-11 Blaster

Made from resin casts off of original and PVC pipe, the scope rests on the metal bar or ABS plastic and the only metal on the whole gun except for the screws that I used along with epoxy to secure it all together. It looks and feels like the real thing. It is a l ittle heavy too.

It took 2 weeks to make eack blaster. I also sell these on ebay for the same price from time to time. If you would like one email me.


My E-11 Blaster in work

Put the 1st coat of Primer on this E-11 Blaster


This is Three of the E-11 Blasters (Below) I was working on at the time at different stages, So far I have made or help others make 16 total It is a lot of work.


The one E-11 in the Back is finished and the one in front still needs detail work done to it.



My E-11 & My DLT-19 Blasters Made from PVC & Resin castings and Wood


This the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster (MG-34)  is made from Wood & PVC.

This the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster (MG-34)  is made from Wood & PVC. This is a work in progress as you can see. (Above)


Just finished the 1st coat of Primer on the DL-19 (Above)


My 2 Finished Blasters

Working on an upgrade on my MG34 / DLT19

Installed a Resin casted Grip w/ trigger and the Top Cover assembly

Still to do is add the tracks and the round button on the left side to make it a DLT-19



Yes still have to sand and prime and then paint it but it will look a little more movie accurate,


Jawa Ion Blaster Kit


Finished Picture Of this Resin Jawa Ion Blaster With The Power Pack.