StormTrooper Accessories



On this page you will find all the extras you will need to finish or improve your own StormTrooper / SandTrooper Costume.




Canvas StormTrooper / SandTrooper Belts

Maker of These Belts.



Rob's White Canvas StormTrooper / SandTrooper Belts

Please read length instructions carefully!
Not responsible for wrong belt sizes, Please order correctly belt size.

If you don't have your armor yet, add 15 inches to your "skin's" waist measurements, i.e. pant size. For example, a 36" jeans size should order a 51 inch long belt.

If you have your armor and you know the armor's waist measurements, add 10 inches to account for the 10 inches of velcro overlap.

Email Rob if you're interested so he can give you his paypal information for payment.

Please include your belt length and the color white, Off white, etc.

These belts are made with white canvas fabric.

Rob folds the material over a couple times and sew parallel lines along the edges to prevent ferrying. Before sewing on the velcro, he insert a piece of thin plastic that goes the entire length in between the velcro section for reinforcement; this prevents belt sag when the blaster is holstered. You'll have to drill through the plastic or use a punch when you make the holes for the TK ammo belt. He also sews on 10 inches of white velcro on both ends. The width of the belt is roughly 3 inches wide.

Note: He also sews on an extension piece for belts over 56 inches.

The Belt this is what you get only.



Note: Canvas Belt only for Sale.


Shows the area that he inserted a piece of thin plastic that goes the entire length in between the velcro section for reinforcement and how the ANH Holster will be secured to the Belt



This shows what type of Canvas White or Off White do you want.


NEW! Black belts offered in a cotton/polyester blend fabric.

For That Shadow Trooper Costume if you have one.

If you would like One Of these Fantastic Belts contact Rob at:


Go to his website at:







O2 Canister / Thermal Detonator Belt Clips

These belt Clips make it easy to attach any Thermal Detonator to any type of belt used.

Hand made out of Aluminum.

These would fit on the AP, TE2 Thermal Detonator / O2 Canister




These are so cool and make it look more realistic just like in the movie.

This is what I am using,

I also sell these if you need a set for a 2" PVC pipe for a AP kit.

Contact me at for ordering info.





Glossy White Rubber ANH Hand Guards

These, are not made of Latex But out of Glossy White Rubber.



ANH hand guards were not made out of plastic, but out of latex, painted white and thus flexible,

But latex has some disadvantages, like paint cracking of flaking, even allergies.

There were also 2 differnt versions worn by the StormTroopers.

The "Standard" version which we see replicated on almost every armor from differnt makers.

Han Solo as StormTrooper as well as several other troopers were an alternative version with a different design ("Hero")


Both Made of Glossy White Rubber

"Standard" Version (Stunt)


Standard Version Glossy White Rubber Handguards





"Hero" Version


"Hero" Version Glossy White Rubber HandGuards



If you are looking for a Pair just contact Karin at :



Note : The gloves worn were black rubber gloves.








These are so cool for a StormTrooper Or SandTrooper costume and come in these Colors

(Red,Orange,Black,White, Gray and Now Royal Blue)

Just go to -







The Full Body Under Armor Suit

It is all Black with a front zipper. Made By Henderson

In sizes - Sm, Med, Lg, XLg, XXLg
Info On Size:
SM - 5'7"-5'9" & 135-150 lbs.
MED - 5'9"-5'11" & 150-170 Lbs.
LRG - 5'10"-6' & 170-190 Lbs. 
XLRG - 5'11"-6' & 190-210 Lbs.
XXLRG - 6'-6'2" & 210-230 Lbs.


If you need one email me at:






StormTrooper NeckSeals



Sizes from 15" to 19"

Contact Eric at:







Stormtrooper Binders(Handcuffs) & Holster


Help a great cause! I truly love the charitable side of the 501st. So in that spirit, AJ will donate $10 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for every set of binders sold!.




Binder Details:
3” Diameter PVC with metal hinges and neodymium magnet closure *Upgrade for Run 3: Magnets now twice as strong as Run 2*. Features gray foam padding inside for comfort and black connector that will compliment your Comlink.

Perfect size for younglings or adult rebel scum alike. Not recommended for Wookies.

Binder Price:
Assembled & Unpainted (ready to weather): shipped Priority anywhere in the cont. US
Assembled & Painted (Gloss White or Gloss Black): shipped Priority anywhere in the cont. US
Extra Priority shipping outside of cont. US

Holster Details:
Black marine vinyl handcrafted and similar in design to an E-11 holster.

Binder & Holster Set Price:
Assembled & Unpainted (ready to weather): shipped Priority anywhere in the cont. US
Assembled & Painted (Gloss White or Gloss Black): shipped Priority anywhere in the cont. US
Extra for Priority shipping outside of cont. US

REMEMBER: A portion of every sale will go directly to the JDRF!


If you want a Set Contact AJ at :








StormTrooper Boots


These are around $129.00




These are around $63.00 (But these may not be available at this time)

(Totally Killer Boots)

The highest quality reproduction 70's style disco boots available anywhere in this galaxy or the next!

The leather hides are dyed an extremely beautiful bright white and then carefully die cut, formed and sewn all by hand.

The soles are a very strong vibrant style design with 1970's style heel.

The white elastic on the sides of the boots is carefully sewn, a beautiful reproduction of the original boot.

The upper portion of the boot is formed on special made patterns and requires great skill to keep smooth and clean. We do not place a stitched line on the front, upper portion, we actually form them to maintain the original appearance.

The boots are lined with a very soft and comfortable calf skin or pig skin, this assures you'll be comfortable for those extended events.













StormTrooper / SandTrooper Helmet Bag.

It is made from water-repellant nylon with a protective fleece lining, two-way zipper & front pocket.  Large size fits all helmet including dirt bike and full-face helmets.  A small price to pay for keeping your helmet clean and scratch free while stored or traveling.

Item #ZX014708T

This Holds my AP Helmet with lots of Room.






Made of lightweight, waterproof material

Synthetic fleece interior

Full-length, two-way self healing zipper

Helmet D-ring lock/port

Fits most if not all helmets.






Just go to

Mike does a Good Job On These.



Need a Base for You StormTrooper / SandTrooper Armor for Display

These are CNC cut from one piece of 3/4" MDF and measure 24” in diameter. They will still need to be painted.

Just contact Eric at

Below you can see Eric's Finished Base. "Works Great on my Display."






TK6294's Fully Flexible Posable Mannequins Covered in Black Fabric

Been looking for the perfect mannequin to display my costumes on.

We all spend a lot of time and money making our costumes and I wanted to be able to enjoy them every day rather than leaving them in a bin.

These mannequins are simply awesome. I can dress these mannequins in armor faster than I can dress myself.

It helps that no undersuit is needed.

Plus no armor modification is needed.

Those of you who have Jim's-TK6294 voice gear know I have High standards, Good Service, and stands behind his products.

These mannequins are worth the cost…



Bendable metal frame covered in a flexible polyurethane foam.

Feet, ankles, knees, thighs, shoulders, elbows, wrist, and fingers can be moved and hold their position.

Exterior is covered with a black fabric, Fabric can be pinned to it.

No undersuit or gloves are needed when dressing with Stormtrooper Armor!

Has a stable metal stand for support!

Easy to assemble.

Mannequin can be dressed in armor or undressed in 10 minutes or less.

Height: 72”Waist: 30”Inseam: 33.5”Arm length: 31”Weight with Stand: 25 pounds Box Size: 67” L x 14” W x 10” H

If you want one Just Contact Jim- TK6294 at :





Novus #2 Fine Scratch Remover


Great for removing scuff marks & scratches ( just click on the picture.