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This page is dedicated for your StormTrooer photos a signature book of sorts.

This page was created for the people who I helped in the past and to show the Fantastic Job in building their own StormTrooper Armor.

My Thanks!



Here are Rules......................

1.) Any type of stormtrooper photos can be submitted at any time.

2) It has to be in this size only "H 515 pix and W 353 pix in Jpeg form"

3) Only one photo per person per type (FX, AP, MFX, TE2,etc) wearing armor with or without your helmet on.

4) Please submit the photo in a winzip or winwar folder to my email address (

5) Also give a name you want posted on the site under you photo and the year you put together your armor. And Any Positive comments you could give others that might help them.

6) Please give your TK # if you are a member of the 501st.


This How it will be posted (see Below)

TK1336 This is AP Armor.

Made in 2006

" Take your time go slow when building any kit and you will have less mistakes and it will turn out Fantastic."





Petter in His FX Armor finished on 11/5/2008





Hideo Sasaki Finished his AP Armor on 9/1/2008


501st Japanese Garrison





Colin in His FX Armor Finished on 12/31/2008






Steve Finished his AP helmet and FX Body Armor On 2/13/2009

TK # Pending





Jesse Finished His AP Armor and Helmet on 3/30/2009






David Finished his New FX/TX Armor and Helmet on 9/15/2010