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I am a member of the "501st Legion" and part of the "Star Garrison" and my Squad is the "Arkansas Crimson Nova Squad"


These are my helmets as you can see the FX (Left side) is 15% Larger than the ANH (Right side) I am still working on the ANH Helmet installing Fans etc.
The Good thing about the FX is it have lots of room to install the fans and extras also ventilation is better.
But if you want to be more screen accurate you need the ANH Armor W/ Helmet.
Most people will not be able to tell the difference but True Fans can in a second. When I first looked at the FX Armor I did not know anything about it, sure it looked just like in the movie to me but knowledge goes a long way.
After others told me and lots of reading for my self "WOW" there is a big difference.
Well what Armor is the Best ?
I think that is up to each person and the bottom line $$$$.
Think about it like this.....
Do I want to use it and how often ?
Do I just want it to look almost or exactly like in the Starwars Movies ?
How durable is the Armor will it hold up from extensive wear ?
Should I buy a set that is already assembled ?
There are many question  to ask but  only you know what to ask.

So if you need them answered just ask me or try one of my links to find the answer for your self. 



My Play Time at work on 6/2/2015

Yes had Fun at work as you can see I work at a Scuba Dive Store.

"Rick's Dive N' Travel"

I am the Repair Tech see me working on a Scuba Regulator "Fun Job"



A Troopers Work Is never Done......




Some pictures of me doing some shopping and having a little Fun.


I think this will fit?



How does this work?


Oh I like this one !!!


So What do you think ?

You Think The Empire will let me use it?




Need a New Bag to keep my Armor in when I am off Duty....


Strong material and fantastic workmanship, But does it come in white?



Will this make me sound like Lord Vader ?



Does this come in my size ? Or maybe a White?


Take it Off I want to try it on!!!!






Yes need to get my Open Water Training Done.

My Open Water Certification Photo




Meet a new Friend at Rick's



Until I found out he was part of the Rebel Alliance !


Fun Days are Always Made at Rick's

So come in and see us!!!








These are 2 of my First helmets I built






One of many Finished E-11 Blasters

As you can see I was making several E-11's at a time for other people I kept one for me.

This the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster (MG-34)  is made from Wood & PVC.

And My E-11 Blaster Made from PVC & Resin castings


My 2 Finished Blasters


My Jawa Blaster



My New AP Armor Display With My 2 Blasters


MY AP Armor Display


A picture Of my FX on the Left and my AP in the Center




My New AP Helmet Display


My FX Armor Display


My TE2 SandTrooper Helmet

My Finished Jawa's





My Yoda

So Cool !


My Ewok "Wicket"




My Godzilla Tusken Raider Mask



My JP Tusken Raider Mask


My SC Tusken Raider Mask.



My Godzilla Mask On My Tusken Raider

My Finished Gaffi Stick



My Female Tusken Raider





New Stands for My Star Wars Models etc. You can find them at

You can see some of them he has made for me below.

E-11 Blaster Stand

You can put LED Lights on it and Looks Fantastic!!!!


The Stand For my Tie Fighter model.

You can also get in all Black if needed.


My Millennium Falcon Stand

Laser Etched


My Other Mellenium Falcon I have it is almost finished and use the same stand.

The Stand Base comes in clear or Black.

I put the Black one on the one above and used the clear one on this one

Note: The Black Looks Best to me.

Almost done waiting on paint to finish it.




My Darth Vader Plaque, He can make what ever type you want and in many sizes to.

" The Empire Strikes Back"

"Darth Vader"


Looks Good with this display but want to change the cape to a more realistic one.



The Plaque Tim made me for my "Mini Me" TK1336



I had it made for this "Mini Me"





Imperial Logo Base

Eric Made the Round Imperial Logo Base I just painted it.

This size is 14" and he will make what ever size you want.

You can contact Eric at :






This is Where I get all My Custom made Aluminum Plaques Made


Just a Sample of what was made.


Love This One.





I had this one made for my Helmet Stand for My AP Helmet.

You can Contact Ariel Martinez at :

Or Just click on her Banner Above.


More To Come !!!!!











* Custom Made LED Signs *



This one was custom made for me the size is 12" x 24"

This one was custom made for me by Ebay Seller : yy123321yy

This size is 12" x 24" and lights up Red.


This one I had made for My Yoda Plus made a stand for him.

This one is 7" x 12" (Below)


Made with The Green LED

He can also make them in Blue, Orange, White, etc.

You can contact him at :

Just tell him TK1336 sent you.










My Daughter wanted to try one of my Collectors Helmets out.

A Future Member of the 501st



This pictue is from the event at Build A Bear WorkShop 2010 for the release of StarWars Bears.

A few members of the Star Garrison and

The Arkansas Crimson Nova Squad