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This is where you can can find out information and how to make your own Jawa and information about the Jawa's



The Jawas are a scavenger species. They comb the deserts of Tatooine in search of discarded scrap and wayward mechanicals. Using their cobbled-together weaponry, they can incapacitate droids and drag them to their treaded fortress-homes, immense sand-scarred vehicles known as sandcrawlers.

Jawas form an important link in the circle of trade that connects the distant Tatooine communities. They sell their hastily refurbished junk to moisture farmers who are hard-pressed to find a better selection elsewhere. For their shoddy work and vagabond ways, they have a well-earned reputation as hucksters out to hoodwink the outlander colonists on Tatooine.

Few have ever seen the ugliness that lies beneath a Jawa mask. Jawa faces are obscured by a cloud of insects that gather in the recesses of their hoods, attracted by their foul odors. Their particular stench is a combination of poor hygiene and a mysterious solution into which Jawas dip their clothes to retain moisture. To Jawas, the odor is packed with information about each other, such as clan lineage, health, emotional state, even the last meal eaten.

Jawas have evolved several important survival traits, such as exceptional night vision, a strong immune system, and an efficient digestive system that draws all the needed nutrients from the Jawa staple diet of hubba gourd.

Jawas have long been scavengers, as the Dune Sea provides a bounty of refuse. It is littered with derelict spacecraft wreckage from millennia of star travel. The Jawas have built homes and tools from these ancient scraps, and travel the dunes in sandcrawlers, cast-off mobile smelters from failed outlander mining attempts.

Jawas live in familial clans, each with distinct territories for living and scavenging. While half the clan is crammed into the warren-like compartments of a sandcrawler, scouring the deserts for usable salvage, the other half resides within a thick-walled fortress. These desert homes were built to protect the Jawas from Sand People or roaming krayt dragons.



Jawa's At Work......


Jawas with the Droid Sale see the Jawa on the far right look at his arm too, Lots Of Fur ! Huummm?



This is a picture of the person under the mask notice the Fur on the Arm this is how I did mine.


The Jawa Blasters





This is the one I based mine on (Below)

The blaster utilized by the Jawa who shot R2-D2 was built from a cut-down British Lee-Enfield No.1 MkIII* series bolt-action rifle with the grenade launcher cup attached to the shortened barrel.



Jawa Ion Blaster kit.

For More information contact

Tell him Mike - TK1336 sent you.

Or Go To

Finished Picture Of this Resin Jawa Ion Blaster


My Scratch Built Jawa Blaster that I used On My Jawa Display.

This Ion Blaster Power Pack Not that Good but will be making and posting a New One for Anyone who needs it for their Blaster



Another Jawa Blaster I made not sure what movie this one was used in ???





To Make a Ion Blaster Holster

Holster Leather

PREMIUM Tooling Leather CUT TO ORDER No waste! 4 to 5 oz

You can Contact Nina & David Walker at:

Or at (812) 334-8289


Just go to

(This was the leather I used to make my Jawa Ion Blaster Holster from.)

They also have 6 to 7 oz thicker leather if you need that.


I also Used


You can Contact Nina & David Walker at:


Just go to




Also To Glue the leather together I used Barge Cement.

You can find it at any Hardware Store or You can Contact Nina & David Walker at:



For The Lace I used This from Wal-Mart or You can Contact Nina & David Walker at:


Just go to




Also Used This from Wal-Mart


On The 2nd one I used this

The Dark Brown Leather Dye You can also get it from Nina & David Walker at:


If you use the Dark Leather dye,I sanded the holster after it to get that old used look and I will be putting

Tandy Eco Flo Super Shene 4 oz on it to seal it a real thin coat. You can Also get it from Nina & David Walker at:


Just go to

Remember not too much shene you want it to look real worn and in the desert for years.






Pictures of My Ion Blaster Holster Build.

The Strap itself is 3" wide the length depends on the size of the Jawa.

This one is 46" Long strap attached to the holster.



The First Ion Blaster Holster

Is still not Finished I have to dirty it up and make it look worn to even out the color.


My Finished Jawa Ion Blaster Holster


This is the 2nd Ion Blaster Holster for my 2nd Jawa (Below)


Note: It will not have a Masuer 98 WWI Dated 3-Pocket Ammunition Pouch attached to it.






Jawa Power Pack Build

Things needed to build it is wood, ABS plastic, 2 each screws, 2 each D-rings, primer, paint, leather type rivets,

5-min epoxy, 7/16" Dowel rod

1 Each 2" X 6" Board

Cut it 8" Long and it needs to be 4" wide a little over because you are going to round off the sides and cure the sides like picture below

You can see the sides how I curved and sanded them down also made in the center at the top a hole you need to drill for The 7/16" Dowel rod cut the dowel rod 4-1/2" long but only 4" you will see out of the power pack.

See Pictures below


I had some ABS plastic as you can see mark and cut as shown. Do it how you want to do it as long as it looks like this when you are done.


Now you need a heat gun and fold it around the dowel rod Glue both halves together after it is glued now trim it smaller, the height needs to be a little over 1-1/2" you have to cut a slit in the top of the Power Pack and glue in place.

I used 5-Min. Epoxy


These you can see I used a 1/2" ABS strip and a heat gun to make the clams for the D-rings Just measure 3" down from the top and that is where the screws go for the clamps.

The D-rings are 1-1/2" ones and I cut them down you can get 2" Heavy Duty Nickel D Rings to do the same from

You can also see the pattern I drew on it Both sides. I also sanded the D-Rings down too.



Now I used a Dremel and carved out the pattern I drew then I primed it.

You will also see several holes I drilled into the power pack That will be for the Antique Brass RapidRivet heads only see Finished Picture


I also drilled a small hole at the end of the dowel rod,

It will be to install and glue with epoxy a barb I cut off of a (1/8" barb X 1/4" MP) I got at HD item # A-85

This will be used to attach the 1/4" rubber hose from the Ion Blaster

and now I will sand it down before I paint it.


The leather Strap I used for the power Pack is a 7-8 oz thickness and cut to 1/2" X 60" I did get that from Nina & David Walker at:


Dye it brown so I will use the Kiwi Leather Brown Shoe Shine on it I don't want it real dark.

Now it is ready to trim to the size you may need it.

I did not cut mine it is at the right lenth I need 60" and now I will rivet the strap on.



I Sanded and Painted it with 1st a layer of Krylon Flat Black #51602

Then I used Rust-Oleum Matallic "Antique Brass Matallic" #7274

I also did them at one time so don't let them dry apply when you spray the black then the Brass, in other words mix the colors a little.

Note: In certain areas I used flat black like the bottom a little more.



Next I weather it with some model paint like Chrome Silver #FS17178 and Bright Brass I will is a cotton rag and rub it on.

Too much Glare you can't see it good.

If you want The Power Pack made like the one in the picture Contact me.


The Finished Jawa Power Pack







Jawa Ammo Pouches

Below are several used in the Movies. Also some that I have not listed as of yet.

Swedish Mauser Ammo Belt

Item No. 1152620 , 1152630 & 1152610

You can find them here :



British P-1903 Leather Five Pocket Bandolier


Found Here at:

Model - BL1003




British Victorian Cavalry .303cal Bandolier


Found Here at:

Model - BL1002


Masuer 98 WWI Dated 3-Pocket Ammunition Pouch

Item No. 1154200 or 1154210

Find it at




The Jawa Robe.

The Robe will fit an average 8 year-old or younger. Made with great attention to detail, the sleeves and bottom hem are frayed to look just like the movie. The comfortable and easy to wear cotton, blanket-type robe opens in front and has a velcro closure. Great for life size display too.

The Hood is a separate piece made of all the same materials and has a velcro closure for easy fastening. The hood opening is bendable and can be formed to any shape or size.

Robe Measurements:

Picture Of The Jawa Hood with The Robe


Please note: no facemask, lighted eyes, ammo belts or weapons are included. However, you can find all of these items also on ebay.



Picture Coming Soon !

I am building another one to make them a Pair Of Jawas.






Jawa Welder

That's right this a real torch (MicroFlame No. 4200 -Standard Torch Kit) just like they used in the movie to weld on that restraining Bolt on R2D2

You can Find it on This Wesite:





Droid Caller

This is a resin casted Jawa / Han Solo Droid Caller found on this web site:






Things you will need to make Your Jawa and Display Stand.


Jawa Eyes

1 set of orange led eyes halloween prop jawa

This would be made to order eyes and wire with a batter box on/off switch

You can contact tinker6468 at phelpsjp@comcast.nett

1 Manikin Foam Head Wig Hat Display (Female) (Do A search or try Ebay - MANNEQUIN HEAD)

Or on my 2nd one I did this instead went on ebay found this: The Seller is displayfasion

Child Flexible Bendable Full Body Form 7yr Manikin CH07

Size: 7T



Now If you use These It will not hold a Ion Blaster too weak wire in the arms




Jawa Gloves

1 pair of Kid's brown jersey garden gloves. (Small found on the net or Hardware store Or Ebay)

Jawa Boots

1 pair of kids size 6 rain boots does not matter with the color you will spray paint them. I purchased them from Wal-Mart they were all Black looked just like these.

Or These size 12 toddler boots for the Child Flexible Bendable Full Body Form 7yr Manikin CH07

If you use the Ch09 the size will be bigger so measure the foot.

I also drilled a hole through one for the metal rod for the stand


To build your own mannequin I did this on my 1st one, I purchased this stuff:

1 pair of kids size 6 rain boots does not matter with the color you will spray paint them. I purchased them from Wal-Mart they were all Black looked just like the ones in above picture.

1- 10' section of 1" PVC conduit. (If you make a Mannequin)

PVC fittings that fit onto the 1"PVC conduit: (1) 4-way, (1) 3-Way (4) 90 deg., (2) 45 deg.  (If you make a Mannequin)

1 Med size bucket of Quick setting Cement ( Fill the boots with If you make your own mannequin)

4' of sturdy, copper wire yet bendable (If you make your own mannequin) 

4 sq. feet of 1" foam.  This is for giving the mannequin "bulk". (If you make your own mannequin)




To Finish the Jawa I got this :

Spray Paint: Flat Black, Leather Brown, Almond.

Leather ammo pouches.  These may be difficult to find, See info on type be;low

1 or 2 each Swedish or British 1903 Pattern 5-Pocket Leather Bandolier. (See info Below)

(Optional) Leather Holster for Blaster.

Leather belt (30-44 inches). (optional) for Ion Blaster (See picture below)

Also I use a Dark Brown Fur you can find it on this web site: ( Part Number: 90718906 UPC Number: 082676223297 ) And I dusted it with Flat Black Spray Paint, thin it out.





Here are a few other Jawa Tutorial






My Finished Jawa Display


In the Finished Display you will see it has the Scratch build Ion Blaster

Two side View's the flash works better but the jawa looks darker in person, Note the Full view of the Blaster .




This Jawa has the New Resin Cast Ion Blaster

Another Picture Of the Jawa with the New Ion Blaster


I made The Jawa eyes glow bigger and I did dirty him up a bit more.

The Side View so you can see the New Ion Blaster & Powerpack

Also it has a Good shot of the Power Pack I made.



And You to can make your own Jawa, don't say I can't "Yes You Can"

To me this is worth the time and effort because it turned out better than I thought it would.

So Good I may do another in the next year for him to have a buddy.



Yes building the 2nd Jawa now.

This is the Child Flexible Bendable Full Body Form 7yr Manikin CH07 I got off Ebay.

Not sure I will use this one the arms will not hold the Ion Blaster.

This is it not finished with the other one.


This is my 2nd Jawa I finished it.

A Side View



Now Both Together Finished


NOTE: Jawa Eye Shape

This is what I did to the eyes to make them more accurate then before

I think this looks better. I will try different sizes to see what I like.

So Now I will Go Back and re due the 1st Jawa I did the same way.