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More Information on How To Below

Also see how to Building a Movie Accurate StormTrooper Or SandTrooper Below this may help you decide what supplies are need.


Supplies Needed

1) White Industrial Strength Velcro - ( Wal-Mart, Lowe's & HD) 

2) Plastruct Weld Plastic Cement Glue - ( See Info Below On This Page )

Note Also used is : Devcon Plastic Welder, ABS Glue #2771, E2000 Industrial Strenth Glue

3) 1/2" Black Heavy Duty Webbing - (See Info Below On This Page) Note: I got a roll of 20 feet

4) 1" Black Knitted Elastic - (See Info Below On This Page)

5) 2" White Heavy Duty Webbing - (See Info Below On This Page)

6) 1" White Heavy Duty Webbing - (See Info Below On This Page)

7) Rivet Gun with 1/4" White Rivets (HD, Lowe's)

8) Dremel with Cutting wheels & grinding bit - (Wal-Mart, Lowe's, HD)

9) Sandpaper- 80 Grit & 220 Grit several sheets of both - (Wal-Mart, Lowe's or HD)

10) 1 Can Rust-Oleum Gloss Black Enamel - (Bar Code 20066 77795 Wal-Mart ) See Paints used below ( Armor And Helmet Color Paint Used)

11) 1 Can Rust-Oleum Smoke Gray Enamel Spray Paint # 7786 - (Wal-Mart, HD) See Paints used below ( Armor And Helmet Color Paint Used)

12) Roll or 2 of 1"Blue Painters Masking - (Wal-Mart, Lowe's or HD)

13) Dritz 5/8" Black Heavy Duty Snaps - ( See Info Below On This Page )

14 ) Dritz Heavy Duty Pliers kit for Snaps - ( See Info Below On This Page )

15) Roll Of Black Window screen (For Helmet) - (Wal-Mart, Lowe's or HD)

16) Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks (For Helmet Lenses if needed) - Wal-Mart, Lowe's or HD) Note: what I use on all my helmets.

17) 1/4" White Elastic - (See Info Below On This Page)

18) Several sized Clamps - (Walmart, Lowe's HD)

You may need other supplies if you want to make it Movie Accurate

Also If you want to do any modifications to the Armor you may need other supplies.

Research is the Best Thing to Start with, Asking Others How they did it.

It May Not work for you just because it worked for them.

When Building look at the Piratical aspect of it verses Accuracy.



Plastruct Plastic Model Cement


This is one of the Best Cements to use when Building your kits

You Can find it here at:



Weld-On #4707 ABS Glue Pint Can

You can find it here.


Oatey # 30821 All Purpose Cement


(I also use this)



Devcon Platic Welder

This is what I also use but use it where it can not be see, it is a yellowish mix.

Also don't forget to tape off areas that you don't want it to mess it up if you get to much.

You can find it here at:




How To Make Your Own ABS Glue

Get a glass jar with matching lid. Any glass jar will do as long as you plan to never use the jar to hold food again.

Get some Lacquer thinner or Acetone. Your choice, acetone is in the thinner so it doesn't really matter which you use.

Get some ABS plastic.


Step 1
Cut up your ABS case into small pieces. Make sure they are around an inch wide and long or smaller. Too big of plastic will take too long to melt.

Step 2
Fill the jar about two thirds of they way up with ABS plastic pieces.

Step 3
Now pour in your thinner or acetone into the jar until it is halfway filled. too much will make the ABS cement runny and too little will make it extremely thick. If you are unsure of how much to add then just experiment a little.

Step 4
close the jar and wait. A long time. About two days or so. After those days are up the plastic will be completely melted into thick goo.

It is now ready to be used




Rhode Island Elastic Flat Braid Roll 1"x 30yd Black

You can find it at




1" White Webbing

Petersen Arne Polypropylene Webbing 1"x36" Package White

This is what I am Using to connect the Drop Boxes to the Utility Belt you can find it here:

You can find it at



2" Heavy White Polypro Webbing

This is what I am Using to connect the Chest plate to the Back Plate, See Pictures Below.

You can find the 2" White Webbing here at :


But to be accurate you can use 2" White Heavy Duty Elastic.

Rhode Island Elastic Heavy Stretch Roll 2"x 10yd White

You can find it at :



Conrad Jarvis Designer's Choice Elastic Knit No Roll White 1/4"x 3 yd

This is used for the shoulder straps, to hold them down on the Back Plate see Picture in

Building a Movie Accurate StormTrooper Or SandTrooperpicture below.



1"x 25 Yards Black Polypro Webbing

They have it in smaller amounts too.

1" Black Webbing can be found here at :



Black 5/8" Dritz Heavy Duty Snaps

you can find them here at :



Dritz Heavy Duty Pliers Kit.

You can find it here:



Anorak Snaps - Metal Starter Kits - Item No: 40030033

Anorak Snaps - Metal Top - Nickel(Silver) 15mm/5/8" - 10 Sets



Anorak Snaps - Metal Refill Pack - Item No: 40030037

Anorak Snaps - Metal Top - Nickel(Silver) 15mm/5/8" - 12 Sets

You can find them on this website -




Dritz Jean Rivets & the Tool

You can find them here at:

Dritz Jean Rivet Tool : Dritz D652100

Dritz Jean Rivets : Dritz D652101


These are 5/16" (8mm) Rivets (DRITZ D652101 Jean Rivets Nickel #18235)


The Rivet Tool (DRITZ D652100 Jean Rivet Tools #18236)

Both are Listed on this wenbsite




Some guys use these instead These:

Rapid Rivets Medium Antique Brass Plated 100/pk Item #1273-15 (size is 5/16" or 7.9375 mm)

Use setter #8100-00 and anvil #8056-00 or setter kit #8105-00.



Double Cap Rivets Medium Nickel/Solid Brass 100/pk Item #1381-12 (size is 5/16" or 7.9375 mm)

Use setter #8100-00 and anvil #8056-00 or setter kit #8105-00.



StormTrooper / SandTrooper

Armor And Helmet Color Paint Used

Thanks Go Out to TK1650 For the Info Above.


You can find the Paints Here at:



Humbrol Paints

Humbrol Gloss Black #ARX21



Humbrol Gloss Midnight Blue #ARX15



Humbrol Gloss French Blue # ARX14

Note: They do not have the Humbrol #5 Dark Admiral Grey



Testors Paints

Note: The Testors are sold in Bulk of 12 each.

Testors Gloss Black # TES1747



Testors Grey #TES1138



Testors Blue Angel Blue # TES1772



Testors French Blue # TES2715






To Make the Helmet Chin Straps

To find it or

Dritz Mini-Anorak Snap Nickle 10pc 12mm / 15/32"

Item #651601




Install the snaps with this tool

Dritz Mini-Anorak Snap Tool

Item #651600


Dritz 9334B Braided Elastic, Black, 3/4-Inch

3/4" Black Elastic Strap (Cut two each pieces 8" long)

On one black elastic Measure 1/2" from end install the female snap

On the other Black Strap again measure 1/2" from the end install the Male snap and measure 1-3/4" from the end and install a second male snap








Building a Movie Accurate SormTrooper Or SandTrooper

Having a screen accurate costume and going the extra mile to add all those extras so your StormTrooper costume looks as if you just walked off the movie set.


Starting at the shoulders the ribbed shoulder straps are not used to connect the armour chest plate and rear plate, they are glued to the front and it o float above at the back. You can use a little elastic to hold the part flush with the back armour.



Next looking at the arms all the armour pieces are butt jointed together and then a strip is glued over the joint. The same for the legs.




The ab plate buttons are on a separate plate that is glued on and the closest match colour wise is Humbrol #5 for the grey and #14 for the blue.


You can see that the armour was held together on the left hand side of the body armour with 6 rivets, although only 4 are on show as the 2 lowest are covered by the belt.

Rivets on the left side of the ab/kidney plates: a total of six rivets with three on the ab and three on the kidney plate, equally spaced out along the depth of the armour and about 10mm from the edge. They may be painted white, or not.
The six rivets are 9mm. Split rivets including jeans rivets can be used, If you can find a 9mm I use 8mm see below.

Please note they are not regular pop rivets and have solid caps.



On the right hand side of the torso there is one male snap on the front ab plate. You see the back side of a 15mm male snap.

Camping snaps without text or patterns look best.

You will also see that the belt was held in place by a single snap on either side of the front torso.


This picture gives you an Idea they used Black Elastic Bands or Black Straps with the rivets on the inside, a person who has a larger waist will have a gap showing.

Some guys will install a sheet/ strip of white ABS to cover this up.

Note: This is almost what I did to one set of Armor I just did not install the 6 rivets but will be doing it to another set of armor I have.

You will also note that in the Movie accurate set they did use brackets and straps to secure the upper back plate to the lower back plates to keep them inplace.

They did the same for the chest plate to the AB/Cod plate



Also under the crotch the elastic was attached to the armour with a split rivet to the front and two snaps at the rear. Drilled all the way throught the armour.

Below you can see the Cod & Butt Plate uses Elastic Band with snaps and Rivets to connect them.

See what is used to connect the Chest plate to the Back Plate, Also See the Butt Plate connected to the Cod Plate (Above)



The belts were canvas and the holster was riveted to the back of the belt using 4 rivets for the hero and 2 for the stunt.


We know that the original costumes used rubber gloves and latex hand plates.


The latex hand plates were made from natural latex which is a sort of brown colour painted white.




Moving down the legs were assembled the same as the arms. Butt jointed together with the strips glued over the join seam.

Picture of how to make do The legs and strips.

(See info below picture)

(I did Option 2 on the back of my shins)

The Strips width is 15mm for the biceps and forearms, and 20mm for the thighs and shins. Some use 25mm for the backs of the shins just to give that extra bit of cover,

To me it does look as though they are 20mm on the original armour.

Who can say for sure if they were all the same on every armour but, Have seen some sandtroopers with wider strips on the biceps. The original armour had thin strips either way.




Ammo knee plates shows how the ends were cut for the film.







The boots are Black Chelsea boots painted white. Now you can get them white.


Now not everone will want to go to this level.

Infact I only do most of what is Movie Accurate what works for you well that's up to you.

Thanks Go Out To TK8993 & TK1650 For the Above Info & Pictures.





StormTrooper / Sandtrooper Canvas Utility Belt


Belts are made from thick natural canvas that is very durable and lightweight and ideal for trooping and they are available in plain or white canvas. Also avaliable in black for stealth troopers. He usually make these about 51 inches long to suit upto a 36 waist which includes about 8 inches of overlap roughly the width of your thermal detonator where they close at the back, but can make them any length to suit your needs. They are just over 3 inches wide making the canvas belt slightly thinner than the armour belt which is how the movie version was.

You just need to attatch your armour belt and holster by your prefered method and you are ready for duty. You will receive a plain belt as seen in the pictures below.



Ok a few have asked how to attatched the bits and bobs to the belt so here is how i did it. I am sure everyone will have their own way of doing things this is just how it was best for me.

I used 15mm camping snaps to hold on the holster, drop boxes and ammo belt and money clips for the thermal detonator as it is easy to remove everything for storage.





You can buy these in nickle or brass most wont be seen but i used nickle for the holster as seen on luke's belt after the trash compactor scene.

Use a normal drill to go through the section with the plastic insert, if you use a slow speed and are careful so you dont pull the canvas it will make a nice clean hole. The 15mm snaps are just long enough to go through.




For the drop boxes i used white nylon straps glued to the inside and put two snaps per box. You can then have the belt the right way up with holster to the left for ANH or to the right for ESB. The ammo belt covers the snaps.






For the ammo belt i used the same technique as fitting snaps to the rest of the armour. Cut out three small squares of abs, drill a hole through and fit the snaps. Then i glued one to each end and one in the middle of the ammo belt. I put the ammo belt in the centre of the belt.




This is what the belt looks like on the inside, a bit messy but no one will see it anyway




Once you are finished it should look something like this....

You can email Mark at :

These are some Fantastic Belts and The Most Movie Accurate ones I have found yet.


O2 Canister / Thermal Detonator Belt Clips

These belt Clips make it easy to attach any Thermal Detonator to any type of belt used.

Hand made out of Aluminum.

These would fit on the AP, TE2 Thermal Detonator / O2 Canister




Thers are so cool and make it look more realistic just like in the movie.

This is what I am using,

I also sell these if you need a set for a 2" PVC pipe for a AP kit.

Contact me at for ordering info.


How to Make your Own Belt Clips

Jesse's (TK4702) Belt Clip Tutorial

Part 1

beltclippart 1


Part 2

beltclippart 2


The metal used is 1/16" x 1" Aluminum Flat Bar








SandTrooper Armor & Helmet Weathering

Realistic weathering can be achieved using Woodland Scenics' Earth Colors Liquid Pigments. We recommend purchasing 4 oz. bottles of Raw Umber (mfg. part # C1221), Yellow Ocher (mfg. part # C1223), and Burnt Umber (mfg. part # C1222).


It is recommend you buy pigments directly from

The pigment goes on as a liquid and dries, within minutes, to a dust that sticks to plastic. However, it can be removed without hassle and it won't damage ABS! Even after prolonged exposure the pigment can be wiped from the armor with a damp cloth.


You will also need Fuller's earth in natural color (FE-0030N) and gray (FE-0030G). A 3lb container of each color will weather several suits of armor. A little fuller's earth will go a very long way. We recommend you buy fuller's earth from the

Choose a piece of armor to be weathered. Make sure it is clean.

The first layer we apply is Raw Umber as it is the darkest color we will use and we want it to be toned down by the layers that go over it. Dab pigment over the surface of the armor using the tip of the sponge.

Pat the pigment with a piece of crumpled paper towel to spread the color out, blend it together and give it a random appreance.

This step may seem odd, but it is VERY important! Allow the pigment to dry and then take a second crumpled paper towel and gently wipe of most of the weathering. The pigment will naturally stick better in some areas than others. make sure very little is left. We have a lot of layers to go, and this is the darkest color so we do not want very much of it. As you can see, the pigment REALLY brings out any scratches in the armor.

The second layer used is Burnt Umber which is more red in color and lighter. While we covered the entire breast plate with the first coat, we apply the Burnt Umber a bit more

Again, allow the pigment to dry and then take a crumpled paper towel and gently wipe of most of the weathering. We leave a bit more of the Burnt Umber than we did the Raw Umber. You can actually begin to see the weathering effect now.

As the chest is a heavily weathered areas and the particular trooper we are replicating had a dark streak of grime on his right breast, we made a second layer of Burnt Umber.

Again, the Burnt Umber is removed with a crumpled paper towel but even less is removed than previously. We are beginning to see the weathering patterns that will define this piece of armor.

We now add a layer of Yellow Ocher to tone done the umbers. The Yellow Ocher is applied in a very spotty pattern, only covering about 50% of the breast plate.

Once again a good deal of the Yellow Ocher is removed with a crumpled paper towel.

To tone down the pigments and give the armor a dusty look instead of a muddy appearance, a light layer of natural colored Fuller's earth is applied with hair spray and a sponge brush. After that a bit of gray Fuller's earth is applied to the right breast area to appropriately darken it. Finally a soft bristled paint brush is used to take both Fuller's earth and the pigments off od the high spots of the armor. As the armor is worn it will continue to naturally "weather" and more clean spots will appear in the areas that get the most wear.

This is a very tedious process. It is recommend you have a friend help you. If done correctly, the weathering of an entire suit will take approximately 1 full day from start to finish.





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