StormTrooper FX Armor


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Did you ever Dreamed of Owning a Real StormTrooper Suit?
Well I did for a log time.
But what do you know about the different types of Stormtrooper Armor?
Let Us See.....


The StormTrooper FX Armor 
It is made of White High Gloss .090 Gauge ABS Plastic Body Armor  seen in the picture below.
I found that the kit includes all hardware, Decals, velcro, Glue and Illustrated instructions. 
(White ABS Plastic)  

Helmet kit- Most people get the Full kit that has the helmet in it but you can find the helmet alone if that's what you need.
I found that it comes ready to assemble  and includes All hardware, decals, Glue & Illustrated Instructions. 
They're the suits that set the standard for the 501st and Around 95-97% of the members are using them.
(Me Too)
I have found that none of the kits you find come with the Blaster,Boots, Neck Seal, Gloves & Black Body suit they normally are sold separately. 
The StormTroopr FX Armor Display  



These are so cool for a Sand Trooper costume and come in these Colors(Red,Orange,Black,White, Gray and Now Royal Blue)


StormTrooper FX Gloves

These are the FX StormTrooper Gloves they come in Small, Med, Lg and XLg. You need to know your size that will fit you.




Novus #2 Fine Scratch Remover

Great for removing scuff marks & scratches ( just click on the picture.