My Female Tusken Raider


On This page you will find information on the Female Tusken Raider

Also where to find and how to make your own Female Tusken Raider

Mask may have been made of bronze which has copper or just copper that's why in other pictures you see green on most of the mask due to the aging.


Female Tuskens wore variations upon the male Tusken garb (though in some tribes, males and females wore the same), often incorporating womp rat tusks into their attire: in some tribes, their role seem to have involved maintaining the encampments while the males raided and hunted, but in other groups, perhaps more strictly nomadic in outlook, they may have lived and hunted more closely alongside their men folk. Tusken children wore unisex masks; gender-specific coverings were not allowed until after they became adults.


These are Reference photos of The Female Tusken Raider

This is what I will base mine on when I build it Very Soon.

Picture Is From StarWars "The Complete Visual Dictionary"








Several Makers or Builder's

Of the Female Tusken Raider Mask and Other Parts needed to Make Your Own Costume.





The SG Female Tusken Raider Mask Kit

Unassembled and unpainted Mask kit

This one you Can Contact Steve at:

He also will assemble and paint the mask for you at a little more cost.






Female Tusken Raider Mask

Made By : Robert at My Wicked Armor . Com

Robert Made this mask his link is below (Very Nice Job) He also make the shawl / hood that does come with the mask.

He will make it with any material you want.

This is His website

and the Page


Female Tusken Raider Bracelets

Made by : Robert at My Wicked Armor .com

Robert also makes these.

This is His website

I had him make it in Monks cloth I dyed it with 2 bottles of Rite Tan liquid Dye, Then I used tea to stain it no not yet finished I still need to dirty her up a bit..

Also I did repaint the bones on the mask to make it more movie accurate.

Note From TK899:

"After looking at the Dressing A Galaxy book photos, the shawl appears to be a close (if not exact) match for monk's cloth"






Female Tusken Raider Dress/ Inner Robe

To make this dress I used the pattern below.

NOTE : I am Using The Osnaburg Cotton and dying it with this:

2 each Box Rit Dye Taupe ( powder )

1 each Box Peral Grey ( powder )

1/4 teaspoon of Rite Dye Sunshine Orange ( powder )


Note: Some use a Long Sleeve Dress Pattern.

This is the Dress Pattern I used you can get it at

The material some used is:

Dupioni silk which washed repeatedly and then dyed with Tan Rit dye ( Liquid ) Don't use Tea to dye this it turns out pinkish.


Osnaburg Cotton

Osnaburg (sp) cotton is a natural colored non bleached cotton and usually pretty cheap.

It also isn't smooth and clean looking maybe perfect for Female Tusken also dyed with Tan Rit dye (Liquid) Or Tea Dye it with Black Tea.

Female Tusken Gloves

You can get them here at:

Note: I also dyed thr Gloves with this:

2 each Box Rit Dye Taupe ( powder )

1 each Box Peral Grey ( powder )

1/4 teaspoon or less of Rite Dye Sunshine Orange ( powder )

It should look a little like this.


Female Tusken Raider Boots.

Most use a type of a slip on boot so they can wrap the bandage rags around them.

But I found that if you use a pair od Scuba-Diving Boots Made By Deep-See with a Lg zipper on the sde that this works best Both Female & Male Tusken Raider Boots

You can get these for around $50.00 or less.

The Amazing Plumbing Goop Works best to Glue On the badages.

I did the Female Tusken boots the same way as the Male Tusken Boots but using different material.

I over lapped the zipper and used velcro so you can not see it once it is secured.

I still need to dirty them up.


This is a sample of the (Male Tusken Raider) after installing the bandages.




Female Tusken Raider Bag

This is a hand made real leather bag I made from

1 each Royal Meadow Tooling Leather 4/5 oz size 24" x 14"

1 each Royal Meadow Tooling Leather 4/5 oz size 14" x 14"

1 each Royal Meadow Tooling Leather 4/5 oz 2.5" x 40" you can make it 30" I did get a little to much

PREMIUM Tooling Leather CUT TO ORDER No waste! 4 to 5 oz

You can Contact Nina & David Walker at:

Or at (812) 334-8289


Just go to

For The Lace I used This from Wal-Mart or You can Contact Nina & David Walker at:


I used Brown Shoe Shine Dye and a liitle Black Shoe dye you can get it at Walmart


Get a Med Brown Leather Dye From Nina & David




A pair of boar tusks with rattan wrap.

This can be added to the Bag. To make it even more realistic.

You can also find 6" Wild Boar Tusk seperately too.

You can find them here:


Just call





My Finished Female Tusken Raider





The MR Female Tusken Raider Mask & Costume

In this section you will find info on the MR Female Tusken Raider Kit and Parts


Option 1.

MR Female Tusken Raider Mask Kit
This fiberglass kit include each hard part and the soft parts needed to assemble the kit in a full mask. The parts are already painted as final
Soft parts (black synth fabric for the visor, two pleather stripes to be used to make the head "cage", juta fabric to be used to assemble the lower part of the mask and attach it to the upper mask):The kit doesn't include glue to assemble the mask.

Note: She only sells them 2 ways:

1. Not assembled and Painted.

2. Assembled and Painted.




Option 2.

MR Female Tusken Raider Finished Mask

For people willing to avoid the awful assembling you can have the kit assembled by Martina, and receive it ready to be worn. As seen in this picture.





Option 3.

MR Female Tusken Raider Bracelets
The two bracelets, built in solid resin and already painted, as in the following image.





Option 4.

MR Female Tusken Raider Bag with "Tusks"

This one is made of pleather and cardboard/plexi (built in the inside to make the bag rigid), complete with the sash and the decorative tusks





Option 5.

MR Tusks Only.
This option has been put on schedule due to requests. It include the bag's decorative tusks only, as seen in the previous Option, without the bag.




Option 6.

MR Full Female Tusken Raider Costume

This option is provided for those who don't have the luxury to spend time on building up the costume starting from the kit and the fabric, and the QFS™ (Quest For Stuff™). Basically it includes the Options 2,3,4 plus fabric parts and boots.

That is all Below and Option 2,3,4.


MR Female Tusken Raider Hood/Shawl

She will also sell this separately

The side View Below



Female Tusken Raider Dress

She also sells this separately




Female Tusken Gloves

She also sells this separately




Female Tusken Raider Boots.

She also sells this separately


I just want to note that every single part she sells is hand made, and she will need a week, from the moment she receives your order to the moment it ships out to you.

As for the full complete costume (Option 6.), She will need two weeks, as it involves an added tailoring work.

For any question, please contact Her at:   She will give you the price plus shipping.


Thanks Go Out to Martina For these Pictures.

A sample of her work.

WOW !!!

Fantastic Looking!!!!!

You can Contact Martina at:







501st Requirements to Join with this Costume

Female Tusken Raider

Required Items- All items must be weathered, dirtied, and/or
tattered, to simulate aging in a desert
environment. Authenticity to the look of the
movie is of utmost importance.

A. Headgear- Overlapped hood and shawl design with detailed
mask pieces of similar design matching the style
seen in Episode 2.
1. Hood/shawl will be made of a textured, sand-colored
fabric and must extend over the shoulders down to the
2. Metal or simulated metal must be used for the mask
and must be of a style similar to that in the movie.
3. Screening must be used so eyes are not
visible from outside the mask.

B. Robe- A single inner robe made of a textured, sand-colored

C. Hands and Arms
1. Sand colored cloth or leather gloves.
2. Cloth wrappings start at the palm and continue up the
arm until concealed within the robes.

D. Footwear
1. Boots or shoes wrapped with cloth wrappings.
2. Wrappings must continue to wrap up the leg until
concealed within robes.

E. Accessories- Extras that must be included with costume
1. Bracelets- Metal or simulated metal pieces worn on each
wrist of style similar to that in Episode 2.
2. Purse/pouch- Leather or simulated leather of similar
style to that in Episode 2.

Optional Items-
1. Papoose- Cloth wrapped Tusken Raider child carrier
2. Tusken Raider Child
3. Gaderffii (gaffi stick)- of similar design to the styles used
in Episode 2 and Episode 4.