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Darth Vader

On This Page you find out information on where to get a Darth Vader Helmet Finished or Unfinished and all Parts to make a Complete Costume. How To paint your helmet, what type of paint and the difference between the Movie Helmets used in the film etc.




All you Darth Vader fans that are wanting a Licensed Darth Vader Helmet, there are several to choose from if you can find them On the net and Ebay. But Know the difference before you buy so that you are not disappointed when it arrives. The Darth Vader helmets can Be found made of Plastic or Fiberglass

1) Don Post Deluxe  - Cast in Fiberglass this is the most screen accurate helmet available by license (no longer made try EBay). 

2) Don Post Classic Action - This version is the same size as the deluxe model, but cast in vinyl (no longer made try EBay)

3) Don Post Standard - much smaller than the the other Don Post models, the same size as Ruby's (No longer Made)

4) Rubies - Small and poorly made even though it says deluxe it is the same size as the Don Post standard, there is also a one piece rubber mask called deluxe as well.

5) New Rubies Fiberglass Helmet Limited Edition, Looks about the same as the DP deluxe including the wrong paint scheme

6) Master Replicas Darth Vader helmet dual signature edition, Signed by both James Earl Jones and Hayden Christensen ($$$)

7) DARTH VADER HELMET AP (ARTIST PROOF) Working in partnership with the talented folks at Lucasfilm Ltd., Master Replicas ($$$)

There are a variety of fan made helmets on the market, you might want to ask around before you buy one of these on EBay. Including a reveal helmet that shows every part of the helmet as Luke took it off of his Father in the death scene of Darth Vader. (Be prepared to shell out some bucks for one of those.)



Episode IV - A New Hope
Helmet Information


Rounded points on the tusks,No black area above the upper shin tube on the right side.

Dusted appearance in paint finish.

Slightly larger dome and Thicker edge.

Pronounced Widows peak. Sharp and narrow center stripe.

Helmet mounted with only three stripes of Velcro.

Small triangular chin vent. Smaller mesh size in the mouth/chin  Vents single layer. One tusk is black, and one is silver.

Red Lenses



More Info when looking for a ANH Vader helmet


Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
 Helmet Information

Dave Prowse.
(The ESB helmet/mask is believed to be a retooled ANH Helmet/mask

Both tusks are silver. No Widows peak. Softer and wider center stripe. Gloss appearance in paint finish.

Large triangular chin vent. Large mesh size in the mouth/chin. Vents dual layer. Black area above the upper shin tube on the right side appears.   

Rounded points on the tusks. Slightly smaller dome than ANH. Thinner edge than ANH.


Bob Anderson.

 Both cheek areas are cut out and replaced with lexan see thru cheeks to allow Bob Anderson, better visibility during the fight with Luke on Cloud city.


View of Stunt Helmet from behind.

All though the ESB reveal helmet only appears for a few seconds on ESB, it’s clearly to see that it’s different  from the ROTJ reveal. The neckbrace is the same as in ROTJ with the exception of the base, which is not a mesh, like the ROTJ Neckbrace has. The mask is cut above the upper tube, and not between the tubes like the ROTJ.

Helmet mounted with two types of mounting systems. Type A or 1

Type B or 2



Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi
 Helmet Information

Dave Prowse.
(The ROTJ helmet/mask is largely a new sculpted mask/helmet.)

The “eyes” are rounder& larger than the ANH/ESB “eyes”  Same paint scheme as ESB. High Gloss appearance in paint finish.

Large triangular chin vent. Large mesh size in the mouth/chin. Vents dual layer. (upper black and lower  silver)

Both tusks are silver. No Windows peak. Softer and wider center stripe. A bit wider that ESB. Same size dome as ESB. Thinner edge than ESB.

Cone shaped points on the tusks. Fatter “lip” The area where the chin meats the mouth is flat.

The revealed mask consists of four pieces: Helmet / Upper mask / Lower mask/chin / Neckbrace

The reveal mask in ROTJ, is clearly different  from the ESB reveal.

The mask is cut just above the lower tube, and not above the upper tubes like the ESB.

Helmet mounted with two types of mounting systems as ESB.

The neckbrace is the same as in ESB with the exception of the base, which has  a mesh.




Thanks go out to Darth Blade for some of the Above Information.


How To Paint

Below the Dark areas are painted Black and the white area is Gunmetal Grey on the Facemask and the helmet All Gloss Black.


Paint Used On the Unfinshed helmets if you do it.

I am Using Dupli-Color Sandable Primer #1692 (Gray Hot Rod Primer) or The Better stuff to help fill in the imperfections better use Dupli-Color Filler Primer (High Build Formula) #FP101 Grey Filler

I will be doing 4 to 5 light coats and wet sanding with a time then1000grt. 2 times and last 2000grt. sandpaper after each application allow atleast 30 min between applications


After that I will allow a week for the last coat of primer to harden.

Then I will apply 3 to 4 coats of Dupli-Color #T177 Gunmetal Gray to paint the Face plate with. I will 2-tone the face plate it is not all black or all Gunmetal grey

Then Allow the Face Plate to dry and the paint to harden for a week after the last coat

The Dome I will Paint it with 3 to 4 Coats Of Dupli-Color #DA1600 Gloss Black




* Darth Vader Tusks *


These are a set of ANH / ESB Tusks


These are a set of ROTJ Tusks

If you need a Set Of Tusks for Your Darth Vader Helmet

Contact Russell at :


Darth Vader Helmet Lenses

There are several different color lenses from Amber, Red, Darker Red and Smoke used in Darth Vader Helmets.

Just make sure what color for what Movie helmet you have.


The Darth Vader Mesh Screen used inside The Helmet.