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Biker Scout Troopers

Scout troopers wore specially modified lightweight armor with greater flexibility than standard stormtrooper armor, and often used light repulsorlift vehicles, such as the 74-Z speeder bike, in the course of their duties, earning them the nickname "biker scouts".Scout troopers operated in groups of two or four, called lancers and were led by a sergeant.

Due to their light weapon loadouts, scout troopers rarely engaged in heavy combat and instead focused more on surveying areas, finding enemy positions and on some occasions, infiltrating enemy lines and performing sabotage missions. They were ordered to retreat in the event of possible combat situations and alert regular stormtroopers.

Scout Troopers also took the role of Snipers or Designated Marksmen, due to their ability to see over very far ranges. They often targeted important enemies to conserve their ammunition, as they could only carry a limited amount as to not hinder their mobility. Throughout the Galactic Civil War, Scout Troopers gained a reputation of being highly lethal marksmen, killing targets at extreme ranges with extreme accuracy.

The term egg man was sometimes used by the Rebel Alliance for scout troopers.

Some scout troopers were picked to train and become the elite Storm commandos





Biker Scout Helmet








Biker Scout Armor








Biker Scout Soft Armor
Note: slightly different from stormtrooper armor because, in addition to having an undersuit and hard plastic armor, there are portions of what is call "soft armor".  This includes the boots, gloves, undersuit and the cummerbund (A diaper like with the pouches that goes around the lower abdomen).










Biker Scout Gloves

Espree Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves

For the film, the Espree gloves had the straps and zippers removed and the beige suede was dyed black.

Picture (Below) From ROTJ you can see the Gloves.



Biker Scout Gloves


Best Of The Best.

For a custom made replica pair of Espirt gloves.

Suede on the fingers, 4 ribs on the knuckles, and V-zipper in the gauntlet.

Contact Dale at:






Another one on the market is a no-neame brand glove sold at:


Product # 32648G




A less accurate gauntlet-style glove, but still useable, can be found at:
Item # BGL2066 ... Sizes: XS-3XL.






Biker Scout Boots

Some reference photos for the screen used Biker Scout Boots. The original boot base is a Sierra Sneakers hiking boots.



As the original base boots are no longer in existence, Look for something similar that would look good, that would

accept the vinyl covering and have a somewhat beige/gum colored sole.

Many people use simple work boots with a plain sole such as this

This sole can then be cut with razor knives or a Dremel to look similar to the screen used sole before applying the vinyl.

Thanks! Go out to David "TB3627" for above info and Boot pictures.

Biker Scout Boots

Some Of the Best Made Biker Scout Boots

Made by 501st Member And Screen Accurate.

Below you will see some of David's work He does a Very Nice Job!


See The detail Very Nice!





If you want a pair of Movie Accurate Biker Scout Boots

Just Contact David at :





Another Maker of the Biker Scout Boots




Biker Scout Boots

Made by 501st Member And Screen Accurate.

If you need a pair contact Tim at:






Very nicely made.  However, they are not screen accurate and they are expensive.

You Can find them here at:






The Black Jumpsuit

One Place to get The Jumpsuit suit is:


Also another site to get one is:


Tactical HeatGear



Biker Scout Blaster kit

The kit consists of a white resin blaster, white resin scope, metal trigger guard and 2 screws for attaching the trigger guard.
Kits require minimal sanding and clean up and like most resin castings may have some small pin holes. I will not ship out any pieces that have large gaudy air bubbles and pockets.

Picture of the Unfinished Biker Scout Blaster Kit



Finished Biker Scout Blaster

They Also can come fully finished If you want at an additional cost ready to go in your boot holster the day it arrives.








501st Requirements for this costume


Scout Trooper

(All hard armor may be white gloss, semi-gloss, or weathered)
* Chest plate: Gray/Dark Gray rectangular mark on left chest must be present.
* Back plate with tank: Tank must have pinstripe deco and anywhere from 4-6 "rank stripes" on right side of tank. Black tank topper must be present, but the red square "button" is optional. No permanent flashing lights or LED's are acceptable anywhere on the costume.
* Arm armor: Shoulder bells, bicep armor, and elbow armor. Bicep armor must have black t-bits.
* Belt: 2" webbing belt with buckle and 4 utility case combination attached to the front. Thermal detonator box using gray hosing is attached at the rear of the belt. No permanent flashing lights, or colored marking other than black bits are acceptable.
* Knee armor.
* Boot holster: Fastened to right boot with either Velcro or rivets. Strap attachment is NOT acceptable.

(Helmet may be white gloss, semi-gloss, or weathered)
White Biker Scout helmet: Don Post/Rubies Licensed replica acceptable. These modifications will need to be done to this helmet:
* Remove the logo on the back neck
* Repaint bucket if it's not white (unless you go dirty)
* Replace lens
* Slim facemask if it's flared
* Replace inaccurate "fish hook"
* Replace bolts on visor/bucket
* Replace aerator

* Holdout blaster: Kenner blaster acceptable if repainted to simulate real firearm. Blaster has no trigger.

* Undersuit: Black textile long sleeve coveralls or flight suit.
* Gloves: Black textureless gauntlet style motorcycle gloves. No extra straps, buckles, or ornamental stitching. Ribbing over knuckles should be present.
* Cummerbund: White textile cummerbund with two standard Imperial pouches.

* White textureless or near-textureless vinyl/leather calf-high laceless boots. Wrap over bridge of foot must be present. Soles of boot must be beige with tread.

SHOULD HAVE (Not required)
* Balaclava to wear underneath helmet
* Gloves: suede or faux suede padding on fingers and inside of thumb
* Undersuit: Thigh straps, suede or faux suede padding on inner thigh, and suede or faux suede "buttflap"
* Flak vest: short-sleeve, ribbed armed vest covering upper torso
* Thermal detonator: black details on TD box

MAY HAVE (Optional but acceptable)
* DLT20a sniper rifle (as seen in Star Wars: Battlegrounds)
* Concept Scout Rifle (as seen in concept artwork)