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Have you ever Dreamed of owning a real StormTrooper Suit ?

Well I did for a log time.
But what do you know about the different types of Stormtrooper Armor?
Let Us see.....


AP StormTrooper Armor Kits For Sale !!!!!!

This armor originated under the GF name, which originated as copies of TE's (or Gino's?) molds.

They have since been resold Now Called (AP) aka Authentic Props.


This is ANH type Armor.

 Directly cased off a original screen used suit,and the closest thing to owning a original at a very reasonable price.  You can find this type of armor on the net and a lot of times sold on Ebay.

This Armor is made of high quality .080 gauge white gloss ABS plastic .

I found that this Kit includes all hardware, attachments, decals, illustrated instructions etc...

This armor is not  mass produced but is very good quality, One draw back is that it takes more time to construct it comes untrimmed.  Just Take your time and it will look Fantastic.....

This is not like the FX armor and it is more screen accurate. The shape of the armor parts, well see for your self.

Can you tell ? Look at the Helmet close, and then look at the FX Helmet close.( For the comparison on this go to My Photo Album)

The FX helmet is 15% larger that's one thing. See if you know what to look for..... 

I have this Armor and is a Very Nice Set of Armor. Very Nice Indeed.

Compared it to the Armor & helmet made By Shepperton Design Studios go here : SDS Helmets & Armor

As you will see...... 

For More info on the StormTrooper AP Armor email me

I found that these high quality armors are made to order to the highest quality standards and not mass produced and hard to find.


The StormTrooper AP Full Armor/Helmet kit  - This is a cool picture below of the kit I found as you can see both Armor & Helmet come untrimmed like I said.

It does includes all hardware, decals,Illustrated Instructions. 


 The StormTrooper AP Armor Kit


This is what is in the Full AP kit.

1) All hardware for Helmet

2) Decals for Helmet

3) Rubber trim for Helmet

4) Green Visor Film for Helmet (Not Lenses)

5) Extra ABS plastic  strips to assemble arms and legs like the original.

( No Mic-Tips for the helmet)

Note: Strips width is:

Upper Body, Arms etc. width is 15mm.

Lower body, Legs etc. 20mm to 25mm (I use 20mm)

*Kit comes Untrimmed and Requires assembly. *

*For an additional cost we can Trim Armor and Helmet or Armor Only

*For an additional cost we can Trim and build it for you.*

Just contact me at:


This is the List of Parts of what you get in the Full AP Armor & Helmet Kit

AP Helmet Parts

Face Plate - 1 each

Cap / Dome - 1 each

Right & Left Ear Covers - 1 set

Lower helmet trim - 1 each

Brow Trim - 1 each

Hardware Pack with Green Film - 1 Pack

Helmet Decals - 1 set

Tube stripes - 1 set

AP Armor Parts

Ribbed Shoulder Straps - (2 each) 1 set

Chest Plate - 1 each

Back Plate - 1 each

Kidney / Butt Plate - 1 each

Cod /Ab Plate - 1 each

Shoulder bells - (Right & Left) 1 set

Right Inner Biceps - 1 each

Right Outer Biceps - 1 each

Left Inner Biceps - 1 each

Left Outer Biceps - 1 each

Right Inner Forearm - 1 each

Right Outer Forearm - 1 each

Left Inner Forearm - 1 each

Left Outer Forearm - 1 each

Hand Plates – (Pair , Right & Left) 1 set

Utility Belt - 1 each

Utility Belt Button’s (3 each) - 1 set

Ab button panel - 1 each

4 Button panel plate – 1 each

Drop Boxes – (Pair) 1 set

Thermal Detonator Panel – 1 each

End Caps for Thermal Detonator – (Pair) 1 set

PVC Pipe (AKA- Thermal Detonator) – 1 each

Sniper Knee Plate - 1 each

Ammo Knee Plate - 1 each

Right Outer Thigh - 1 each

Right Inner Thigh - 1 each

Left Outer Thigh - 1 each

Left Inner Thigh - 1 each

Calves Right (Inner) - 1 each

Calves Right (Outer) - 1 each

Calves Left (Outer) – 1 each

Calves Left (Inner) - 1 each

White ABS Strips - 7 each


Look On to see how to Build your AP Kit



Helmet Kit  - I also found if you just need the helmet that it does come fully trimmed ready to assemble with all the decals,hardware, etc. 
If you want to know more about the Types of helmets out there hold on to your helmets guys look on this site:

For More Info email me :


The StormTrooper AP Helmet Kit Only

 What I found in the Helmet kit

AP Helmet Parts

Face Plate

Cap / Dome

Right & Left Ear Covers

Lower helmet trim

Brow Trim

Hardware Pack with Mic-Tips & Green Film

Helmet Decals & Tube stripes

NOTE : Kit Does Not Come with Instructions but you can find some on


Note: Not everyone can fit into this Armor.




 The original actors were 5'10'' and 155 lbs on average, and as a result, the suits generally fit small Between 5'6"-6'1" and 130-185lbs


Left sided Leather Holster - (ANH)


Screen Accurate Rubber Gloves - A must to complete your authentic looking ANH Stormtrooper costume. Yes in the Movies they used Black Rubber gloves, 'WOW' That blew me away too.
If you want to know how to go about purchasing a pair email me :


Here are some detailed photos of The ANH Full Armor and Helmet .
 I think this picture show the difference between the FX suit and the ANH Suit,but can you tell.



My AP Armor Display




Finished AP Helmet





This was an ANH Build Making it Movie Accurate Almost.....


IF you are OverSeas contact me for shipping Cost.

Contact me at


Back View of My AP ANH Armor The Movie accurate way..........




The Side View Of My AP ANH Armor (Below)


Better View of the Back Plate.



Close-up Of the Holster Attachment.......

Note: How The ANH Holsters are attached to the Canvas Belt just like in the Movie.


Note The Side Rivets just like in the movie "Yep A Pain in the Butt to install" But well worth it to me.


Below you can see I fixed the thighs like they should be." So Remember don't build when you are tired."


Back View of the thighs and with the strips installed.

This is the Best Movie Accurate set of Armor I use.






The best way and Movie accurate way is Glue the shoulder straps on the chest plate you will also need some 2" wide white cargo straps under the shoulder straps that will connect the chest plate to the back plate. When connecting the cargo strap to the Chest and back plate some use snaps here, some just glue it some just use a square of ABS platic and rivet the Cargo strap to the ABS square then glue that to the chest plate and do the same for the back plate.

See The 2 Pictures Below.


They used a rubber band or elastic white band to secure the strap to the back plate


This is what I am Using to connect the Chest plate to the Back Plate, ( A lot left over)

2" 25 Yards Heavy White Polypro Webbing Strap

You can find it on ebay Or just let me know I may have some left to sell.


Yes You can even make a Sandtrooper Out of The AP kit.

Below My AP SandTrooper Helmet Istill need to Dirty it up.








.The View of the Right Side, So Cool!!!!



My AP SandTrooper Helmet Close-up.

Now Ready To Deploy!!!!!!!

Note: The AP kit does not come with the SandTrooper Decals for the helmet, Diamond Knee Plate or the 3 button panel needed for the AB panel, this is purchased seperate from the kit.


Me in My New TD Armor for the 1st Time









These are some of Extras if you need them.

StormTrooper Green Lenses (make Your Own)(click Here)

Cut your own lenses from this Dark Green Face shield.

Look for this number - (HF4118DRKGR) - Dark Green face shield
This worked perfect for me.

Hovi-mix mic Tips

If you are looking for Hovi-mix mic Tips for you Helmet to make it More Movie Accurate Email :


AP Leather Holster

This holster is not like the FX type holster, this is made with very flexible leather and is a lot thinner and is a left side only holster.

New AP Holster. (ESB Style) See Picture Above for the ANH Style.

The Bottom is open not sewn shut.





AP Rubber Gloves

Movie Accurate Gloves

The same things they used in the movies (Rubber Gloves) they come in a Large only.





Glossy White Rubber ANH Hand Guards

These, are not made of Latex But out of Glossy White Rubber.



ANH hand guards were not made out of plastic, but out of latex, painted white and thus flexible,

But latex has some disadvantages, like paint cracking of flaking, even allergies.

There were also 2 differnt versions worn by the StormTroopers.

The "Standard" version which we see replicated on almost every armor from differnt makers.

Han Solo as StormTrooper as well as several other troopers were an alternative version with a different design ("Hero")


Both Made of Glossy White Rubber

"Standard" Version (Stunt)


Standard Version Glossy White Rubber Handguards





"Hero" Version


"Hero" Version Glossy White Rubber HandGuards



If you are looking for a Pair just contact Karin at :



Note : The gloves worn were black rubber gloves.






O2 Canister / Thermal Detonator Belt Clips

hese belt Clips make it easy to attach any Thermal Detonator to any type of belt used.

Hand made out of Aluminum.

These would fit on the AP, TE2 Thermal Detonator / O2 Canister


Thers are so cool and make it look more realistic just like in the movie.

This is what I am using,

I also sell these if you need a set for a 2" PVC pipe for a AP kit.


The metal used is 1/16" x 1" Aluminum Flat Bar




White Canvas StormTrooper / SandTrooper Belts


Please read length instructions carefully!
Not responsible for wrong belt sizes, Please order correctly belt size.

If you don't have your armor yet, add 15 inches to your "skin's" waist measurement, i.e. pant size. For example, a 36" jeans size should order a 51 inch long belt.

If you have your armor and you know the armor's waist measurement, add 10 inches to account for the 10 inches of velcro overlap.

Email Rob if you're interested so he can give you his paypal information for payment.

Please include your belt length and the color white, Off White, Red etc.

These belts are made with white canvas fabric.

Rob folds the material over a couple times and sew parallel lines along the edges to prevent fraying. Before sewing on the velcro, he insert a piece of thin plastic that goes the entire length in between the velcro section for reinforcement; this prevents belt sag when the blaster is holstered. You'll have to drill through the plastic or use a punch when you make the holes for the TK ammo belt. He also sews on 9 inches of white velcro on both ends. The width of the belt is roughly 3 inches wide.

Note: He also sews on an extentsion piece for belts over 56 inches.


Note: Canvas Belt only for Sale.


Shows the area that he inserted a piece of thin plastic that goes the entire length in between the velcro section for reinforcement and how the ANH Holster will be secured to the Belt



This shows what type of Canvas White or Off White do you want.



NEW! Black belts offered in a cotton/polyester blend fabric.

For That Shadow Trooper Costume if you have one.

If you would like One Of these Fantastic Belts contact Rob at:


Go To His website at:


This is The Best Movie Accurate Armor Around !

All the stormtrooper in ANH were stunt except Luke and Han which were hero. The main difference is the helmet, the hero comes with bubble tinted lenses and 6 holes cut out on frown, the stunt has green flat lens and 8 holes cut out on frown, the full body armor is exactly the same. For more info and photos check



NOTE: If you look at this picture Below

This is how I do the Thighs, Legs, Forearms, Biceps.

Front - Thighs and Legs, But also Start with a strip on the inside glue it first


Back -Thighs I do like the "Front" also Glue a Strip on inside first and glue the strip to cover the seem on the outside.


Back - Option 2 - Legs I use Industrial Velcro


For The Biceps amd Forearms I do like the "Front" On Both sides and use a Strip on the inside to give it better strenth and the glue strips on the outside to cover the seem.


Note: "FRONT" Called a Butt Joint


You Can also Build your armor Parts with the Overlap type joint like in option 2 you will do that on the front parts too



The Outside of all the Parts Go Over the Inside of all Parts ( Biceps, Forearmors, Legs and Thighs )