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Have you ever Dreamed of owning a real StormTrooper Suit ?

Well I did for a log time.
But what do you know about the different types of Stormtrooper Armor?
Let Us see.....





The New FX Armor or also Called AM Armor aka (Armor Master)

Made of the Ultra High Gloss ABS Plastic.

Comes in White StormTrooper Kit


Black StealthTrooper Kit


The Helmet Kit New FX or AM

Pack and shipped to You............ Cool!



Picture of the New FX Helmet kit.

The Helmet Kit Only Has StormTrooper Decals

This kit comes with :

1 ) All Hardware & Helmet Trim

2 ) Helmet Decals (StormTrooper Only)

3 ) A set of Smoke Lenses for the Helmet

4) ABS Glue

5 ) Helmet Liner and attaching brackets

6 ) Instructions to help build the helmet

Note: Helmet only comes with StormTrooper Decals "No SandTrooper Decals"



The Full Kit with Helmet comes with parts for both StormTrooper and SandTrooper you pick what you want to build.


A sample of the New Armor


New FX / AM Headless Kit


Note: The Pauldrons Don't come with the kit they are extra.


















Comes with 3 different handplates

The New FX / AM forearm which is 1 1/2 inches deeper than the old FX to help larger fans.

The Full Kit is Armor and helmet in kit form also comes with Black Elastic bands (Loop Only on them)

You will need to get Industrial Strenth Velcro at: WalMart, Lowes or Home Depot







AM StealthTrooper Helmet And Armor Kit

Made of High Gloss ABS Black Plastic

The Full Kit has Armor and helmet in kit form

This kit comes with :

1 ) All Hardware & Helmet Trim

2 ) Helmet Decals (StormTrooper Only)

3 ) A set of Smoke Lenses for the Helmet

4) ABS Glue

5 ) Helmet Liner and attaching brackets

6 ) Instructions to help build the helmet

7) Black Elastic bands (Loop Only on them)

Note: You will need to get Industrial Strenth Velcro at: WalMart, Lowes or Home Depot

Below You can see The Parts in the kit and how Glossy they are.

This kit was also made for larger Troopers






Below a few pictures of the Finished kit,

This Looks Fantastic In Person these picture do not due it Justice.










StealthTrooper Boots


Smoky Mountain Ladies Patent Leather Jodphur Boots.

Note these are Ladies boots but are accurate just may not have your size.

Note: a Ladies size 11 is a Mens size 9 or close to it.






Mens Timberland "Mt. Washington City Chelsea" Boot - Black At:

Note these will need some polishing





Mens Black Chelsea Boots At:






These 2 kit comes with standard mic-tips or you can get these which cost extra.










White Canvas StormTrooper / Sandtrooper Bets

2 Different Makers of These Belts.

Both make Fanntastic Belts



Rob's White Canvas StormTrooper / SandTrooper Belts

Please read length instructions carefully!
Not responsible for wrong belt sizes, Please order correctly belt size.

If you don't have your armor yet, add 15 inches to your "skin's" waist measurment, i.e pant size. For example, a 36" jeans size should order a 51 inch long belt.

If you have your armor and you know the armor's waist measurment, add 9 inches to account for the 9 inches of velcro overlap.

Email Rob if you're interested so he can give you his paypal information for payment.

Please include your belt length and the color white, Off white, etc.

These belts are made with white canvas fabric.

Rob folds the material over a couple times and sew parallel lines along the edges to prevent freying. Before sewing on the velcro, he insert a piece of thin plastic that goes the entire length in between the velcro section for reinforcement; this prevents belt sag when the blaster is holstered. You'll have to drill through the plastic or use a punch when you make the holes for the TK ammo belt. He also sews on 9 inches of white velcro on both ends. The width of the belt is roughly 3.25 inches wide.

Note: He also sews on an extention piece for belts over 57 inches.

Note: Canvas Belt only for Sale.



Shows the area that he inserted a piece of thin plastic that goes the entire length inbetween the velcro section for reinforcement and how the ANH Holster will be secured to the Belt



This shows what type of Canvas White or Off White do you want.



NEW! Black belts offered in a cotton/polyester blend fabric.

For That Shadow Trooper Costume if you have one.

If you would like One Of these Fantastic Belts contact Rob at:







Mark's White Canvas StormTooper / SandTrooper Belts


Belts are made from thick natural canvas that is very durable and lightweight and ideal for trooping and they are available in plain or white canvas. Also avaliable in black for stealth troopers. He usually make these about 51 inches long to suit upto a 36 waist which includes about 8 inches of overlap roughly the width of your thermal detonator where they close at the back, but can make them any length to suit your needs. They are just over 3 inches wide making the canvas belt slightly thinner than the armour belt which is how the movie version was.

You just need to attatch your armour belt and holster by your prefered method and you are ready for duty. You will receive a plain belt as seen in the pictures below.

And you can go to the How to Page and find out to to do this belt for your Armor


You can email Mark at :

These are some Fantastic Belts.






O2 Canister / Thermal Detonator Kit

To make your Costume a little more Movie Accurate.

These were pulled from Jesse's own original sculpted molds,
and made of .093 thick white High-Impact Styrene. Each kit contains one 7.5" Acrylic pipe, one control panel,
and one set of end caps.


Belt Clips Not Included!

If you want a Kit Contact Jesse at :


* Some Paint & Primer Used on this kit *

Rustoleum: Painter Touch: Sandable Primer (White) sku #1981830
Rustoleum Professional High Performance Enamel (Gloss White) sku #7592


Krylon Fusion (For Plastic) Gloss White sku #2320



O2 Canister / Thermal Detonator Belt Clips

These belt Clips make it easy to attach any Thermal Detonator to any type of belt used.

Hand made out of Aluminum.



Thers are so cool and make it look more realistic just like in the movie.

This is what I am using,






Novus #2 Fine Scratch Remover

Great for removing scuff marks & scratches ( just click on the picture.